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Trine University

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What kind of person should not attend this school?

People who attend Trine University should like to learn by reading articles. If the student gets annoyed easily, he or she should not attend this school. A student who attends this school should be able to think outside the box yet have common sense. Students who attend this school should be open to new experiences and like a small town setting. People who are against people drinking should not come here. Athletes tend to do very well at this school.

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This college focuses a lot on their engineering program. Therefore, it is the best one here, and other programs tend to suffer from it. While our science department is in the process of improving, I would definitely recommend a pre-med student or music major to find a school better fitted for them. Almost all of our programs are constantly on the move, but most of them pale in comparison to the engineering program.

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Any one who is not highly disciplined and self motivating. If you enjoy a social life or being with alot of people, this school is not for you.

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