Trinity Christian College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is that the students that live on campus tend to form cliques. They are all very friendly but usually stay in their own group of friends and the new students/transfers kind of stick together and become friends.


I think the fact that is a small school and in some ways not very diverse. There is noat lot to do on the weekends. It is racially diverse but most people seem to have similar religous, polictical, etc views.


I enjoy Trinity Christian very much, but one thing I wish could be changed is


I really do not enjoy the very Public Relations aspect that my school takes to EVERYTHING. It makes me feel that if you are ugly or have off-the-beaten-track interests that you will remain that way indefinately, and that no one will want you once you graduate.


The worst thing about school is the fact that it cost so much money. However, any school is going to cost you money.


dead weekends


Lack of participation in activities and events.


There is nothing bad about my school, to be honest


The worst thing about Trinity Chrisian College is the lack of diversity. It is a Christian reformed school so there are a lot of dutch people that go there. I myself am dutch but would like to see more diversity around campus.