Trinity Christian College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Overall, TCC holds a high place in my mind. I have a high opinion of TCC for several reasons. First, the staff, teachers, faculty, and students genuinely care. What may come across as uncaring personalities at larger universities probably in reality happens to be a limit of time teachers have for students. Compared to larger universities, TCC only has, at most, 25 students per class. A lower student to teacher ratio translates into more quality time, I believe. Secondly, I feel this school happens to be just right for me. For you, you may thrive in a large university! You may like that large campus, with all those people. I do not know about larger universities -- but at TCC you are not merely a number. You are a name. Third, the teachers have connections. Therefore, finding internship opportunities doesn't have to be an impossible thing. However, no school does not have their shortcomings. No school is "perfect". Perfection arguably happens to be a sort of an impossible ideal. Settle for "good", not simply "perfect". The biggest problem happens to be the proverbial "Christian Bubble". The Bubble keeps students from exploring life. To keep one from exploring life deprives one of those essential experiences that causes one to grow and gain independance. TCC combats this by hosting nights-in-the-city, in Chicago -- since Chi-town is nearby. Midway Airport happens to be twenty minutes from TCC. Get to Midway, park, and you can take the Orange Line into Chicago.