Trinity Christian College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not of any faith then I would not attend this school. It is highly religion based so if you are uncomfotable with your faith or what you believe then I would not go here.


There is a very large focus on religion on Trinitys campus, someone that does not want to be associated with the Christian faith should not attend this school.


Trinity Christian College is made up of mostly white students. In my opinion, if an African American is looking for a school in which he or she can easily find others of the same background; this may not be the best school of choice.


A liberal, non-Christian that wants to party.


I do not think that I would say who shouldn't come to Trinity Christian. It is a Christain college looking to minister to others. So for the people that do not want to learn anything about Jesus Christ and that are opposed to Christianity and seeing the amazing things He has for his people would be the people that would not attend Trinity.


Trinity Christian College is not for a student who is looking to go to a big college and have huge lecture halls or wants to join a Frat of Serority cause there is no Greek system.