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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to put my education first. There will be plenty of time after college for relationships and having fun. Though attending college can be fun. A lot depends on what you are willing to put into it, as to what you obtain from attending. The experience you can obtain in college is so varied, not only from the education you obtain in a class room, but in the people you meet. The different personalities you encounter, the different cultures you learn about, are all worth the effort of attending college. You can make some wonderful and lifelong friends as well. Attending college from high school is less stressful. After marriage and beginning a family, many times college is placed on hold due to other responsibilities. Go to college now and obtain your dreams or you may find time passing you by and your dreams remaining dreams. There is no substitute for a good education.


I would tell myself to stay on the track that I went on. I found the career that I wanted to go into and now it has turned into a passion of mine. The one thing I may warn is that is it really easy to get stray away from the right path, like missing classes because teachers don't care if you do, but if you really want to be better off than my parents situation, then you will try your hardest and get school out of the way so you can have an easier life finacially.


In high school my thoughts on college and college life were weak at best. mainly what I knew about college came from movies or tv shows. The reality of college is it is a lot of work and it is where growing up and becoming a responsible adult begins. The advice I would have given myself then would have been to learn more life skills. I also would have told myself to be prepared that the life ahead would not be all fun and games. There is no easy assignments and little free time in college. In all if I would have know what I know about college life and transitioning into it I would have done alot of things differently in high school.


If I were able to go back in time and tell myself what I know now I would make sure I knew how to manage my time wisely. I would tell myself that time management is one of the biggest factors in helping you succeed in college. Other things may seem very important at the time, but remember to put your education first. I'd say it would be very foolish to decide to go out and put aside your homework and reading for later. Just get it done. Procrastnation is not a good quality to have when it comes to college. It is possible to have a social life and a job while going to college, but it definitely helps if you learn time managment early on, otherwise it will be a massive shock. I would also remind myself to stay focused and have faith that you can succeed! Don't ever tell yourself that you can't do something. Basically if you want to do well stay focused, have faith in yourself, and manage your time wisely!


Never give up hope, keep working hard. Obey your mother (trust me). Remember that God will see you through everything

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