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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?




By and large, yes.


This stereotype could not be farther from the truth. There is a great deal of diversity on campus, not only ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic diversity, but also diversity of interests, which makes for great intellectual conversations in and out of the classroom. Trinity students are mostly very social and friendly, coming from a variety of backgrounds. After spending a few moments on the campus, you will experience this and the strong bonds that have been formed amongst the student body.


To an extent. There are plenty of people that fit that description, but there are also people who embody the opposite qualities, and people who embody some of the characteristics but still manage to be good human beings.




Yes I think so.


it depends on who you chose to associate yourself with. Some students are, but many are not.


1. Yes, there is a pretty crazy social scene. Everyone parties every weekend starting thursday, and on special events (homecoming, spring weekend) Campus safety turns a blind eye to blatant underage drinking/ destructive behavior on the main quad during the middle of the afternoon. 2. Apparently it is big, but if you don't want anything to do with that scene, not only is there no pressure to do it, but you will probably not even notice it. Because I haven't wanted anything to do with coke, it has not been mentioned to me, nor have I seen it anywhere. 3. Trinity is a very preppy school (most of the kids here went to private school), and don't get me wrong, there is a good amount of snobby rich kids; but overall 90% of the student body is pretty friendly, accepting, and down to earth. 4. If you went to a new england prep school and loved it, you'll love Trinity. Eeveryone knows everything about everyone, and you'll be able to recognize basically everyone from your grade by face at least. Even the buildings look the same (old brick with ivy). Some may find this unappealing, but most people I think would enjoy the friendly and personal atmosphere on campus. 5. I haven't noticed any cliqueiness with guys, but apparently the girls say that it is pretty cliquey. Because it's a small school and the freshman dorms are so far apart, you'll find you will develop a close group of about eight or nine people that live near you that you hang out with every day. But because everyone goes to vernon street (Frat row) to party every weekend, you'll see people that you sort of know (from classes etc.) and get to know them better, and party with them on weekends. While you may not be extremely close to them you will still consider them friends.


NO, I have to admit that our school is very open minded and professors are very nice to anyone in class. I have to admit we might have some discrimination in the peer level, and we have a very low minority ratio, but this happens all over the country, this is not right, but there are people working on changing this fact, i am a minority and I don't feel bad coming to this school at all


Some students at Trinity, like any college, drink a lot. But most are occasional drinkers and only 10-12% are involved in the Greek scene.


for the most part










To some degree yes, most students are from the East Coast and come from money.




in general yes. for the most part its a school full of people that look alike. I have a friend who swears she can't tell the difference between half the people she sees on campus, and it's true. you will see an enormous amount of guys in pink polo shirts and girls that put on a skirt in the middle of winter. there are the few people who don't fit this mold, and many who are interesting fun people despite their appearance, but to say they break the stereotype would be a big stretch


About a third to half of the student body i would say fits the stereotype, aside from the thing about being conservative (somewhat true, see below), and doing coke (which is generally not too many). However, sometimes it feels like everyone comes from some exclusive boarding school in connecticut. it would be an exaggeration to say that trinity students are snobby, but it seems that many are not exactly open to meeting new people and tend to associate with those who are like themselves. trinity students generally do party a good deal more han the average college student, and this seems to hold back the school academically.




Almost universally.


Nearly. We have a very large student population that is preppy. While the face of Trinity may be a preppy Bostonian, our campus is very diverse (ethnically, racially and intellectually).


No. while there is a majority of white students, not all are rich, and the school certainly shouldn't be considered a rich school based on their financial status


I don't think so.




Yes, although it obviously doesn't apply to everyone. You find these stereotypes at all schools.


Generally, yes for list one, List two is generally not two, when people need help on campus they can find it, when something horrible (like rape) happens on campus the students will all join together. There is of course a line between the haves and the have nots, in some ways this is also seen as a parties and doesn't party, but its just that the groups don't party together. The students are actually very concerned about international affairs (possibly just to see how it affects their stock portfolio more than human rights).


They are accurate for about 60% of the school population.


No. As far as the stereotype of the students, I have found them so be rather false. There are certainly some kids who fit the stereotypes but they do not represent the majority of the students. The stereotypes of Hartford are true although I would rather attend school in a dangerous, delapidated city than in the middle of nowhere. Getting home (to the airport) is very easy, something of which I am very grateful.


There are truths behind all stereotypes. There are students at Trinity who are very wealthy and preppy. However, that does not describe all the students at Trinity.


There is always an element of truth to stereotypes, however are exaggerated; there are a lot of good looking and wealthy students here, and the majority of them are Caucasian. I probably would describe Trinity as a party school because students cannot go out unless intoxicated, but most of the students enjoy that atmosphere and are happy at Trinity.


The school is predominantly white and about half the kids are on some kind of financial aid. On the surface, kids dress well (some girls/boys really overdress for class) but when you get into classrooms, kids look very regular. And yeah, sure, there are definitely kids who don't care about school and would rather party every night, but aren't you gonna find that at every school?


To some degree, unfortunately, yes... but we, the students and the administration, are working to change that to see more tolerance, diversity and unity on the campus. While there is an abundance of privileged students, very few of them are snobs and are welcoming to new people. Students at Trinity have difficulty breaking from their molds and groups, but once it happens, everyone gets along well.


Although there are some very preppy kids here, the majority is not at all.


I think that a large portion of the school is made up of students who come from wealthy backgrounds but the notion that comes along with that, more specifically, that these types of kids don't know how to appreciate anything or know how to work hard, i do not agree with. I find it very frustrating that such stereotypes exist because i do not find them to be true at all.


at times, and with certain people, but i think generally there is a good balance of people who work hard, people who play hard, and people who do both.


While half of Trinity's student do come from independent schools, I do not think that Trinity students are overwhelmingly snobby or upper class. There is a growing amount of diversity on campus that is well-supported and encouraged by the faculty and student body.


To some exgtent, yes, but there are always exceptions




to an extent


for the most part




Yes, for the most part it is true but it is definitely not the entire student body that fits into this category


This is not indicative of the entire student body, but it represents a fairly large percentage of it. I find that most of the people who fit these stereotypes are involved in Greek life.


no, there are actually alot of diverse individuals on campus


To some extent, yes. The foundations of the stereotypes are true, but they are built upon to make seem worse than they are in reality.


Most stereotypes one hears are true when it comes to the students who attend Trinity. There is definitely a large handful of handsome guys at Trinity, especially on the athletic teams. As for the way people dress, many of the girls tend to look alike. A lot of the girls can be found carrying the same bag or wearing the same raincoat or winter jacket. Individual style is quite uncommon at Trinity and it seems as though everyone must shop at the same store because even the guys dress identically. The one stereotype that rang untrue was making friends and being accepted into new groups of people. I found it quite easy to make friends and that for the most part, everyone was welcoming and also looking to broaden their groups of friends.






To a certain extent, the stereotypes are true. When you walk around campus there are so many good-looking people, but I think that most of what trinity has is overlooked because everyone is so hung up on the stereotypes.

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