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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Although some aspects of these stereotypes are true, from my experiences at Trinity this does not describe the school as a whole. Yes, the majority of students on campus are white and from the New England area, but there are also many people who are from DC, NY, and California.


Pretty much.


No, I don't believe they are accurate although I do understand why those stereotypes come about.


not completely - you do see that but its certainly not everyone


yes for the most part


Often times, yes.


somewhat. there definitely are a lot of kids like that, but not everyone on campus.


Sometimes depending on the person


I think the majority of students here are wealthy but there is only a small amount of people I would consider snobby.


The stereotypes about the students are not true.... but you will always get a couple kids like that. Trinity is a serious school that should be given more credit.


yes, but they are generalizations, not everyone is like that here


Although most students are not like this, the few who are can often ruin the image for everyone.


I think that a large portion of the school is made up of students who come from wealthy backgrounds but the notion that comes along with that, more specifically, that these types of kids don't know how to appreciate anything or know how to work hard, i do not agree with.


It depends on who youre talking to, but its definitely true about some students


trinity is a varied place with varied people. Some are 'old money' and preppy.


While there are some people like that, the stereotype is not entirely true at all.


There are preppy people on campus, but it's not overwhelming. I'm the opposite of preppy and I can EASILY find people to hang out with that aren't preppy. There are a fair bit of rich students, but it's an expensive school. There are PLENTY of normal, great people. We do drink a lot. That's a fact. But we also work really hard.


I think that for the majority of students, this description definitely applies. But, like all stereotypes, there are definitely exceptions.


yep. there are a ton of really preppy people and many wealthy kids. I have heard people classify each other as old and new money. heavy party school is def true. if you drink thursday night, friday night and saturday night, its called a "trinity weekend". in spite of all of this the academics are really good and i have developed an excellent rapport with my teachers who i often see socially, outside of the classroom.


75% of the time


Yes and no. THe majority of students like to dress the same, however everyone is entitled to express themselves in which ever way that would like.


for 99.5% of the class, yes.


soome of them. for the most part students are wealthy and j.crew wearing. However, i don't think our school has a bigger drug problem than any other place. I would say that out school has a lot of private school and prep-school students. Despite what these schools may say, the students tend to be unrounded, very goal oriented and not very open minded. They may go to "liberal institutions" like andover or philips academy, but they are really not very well verse in the actual world, and I think it's a large hinderance to our school.


yes, except that trinity is a good school. it has a good reputation but i the classes and professors are sub par


Up to a point. There are a fair number of students who are fairly well off and went to prep schools, but there are also a lot of students who do not.


No, trust parents do not pay for everything. I am completely on my own with money and I have a job on campus. Even though there is a lot of work, it pays off. Most people have jobs right out of college and...we work hard, but we party even harder!


to an extent


Yes in some ways. Most of the student body is white and tend to be from similar areas. We share many of the same similarities in how we like to spend our time both in the classroom and outside.






I believe so


The study body does have a wealthy population but money isn't everything, in the classroom setting it doesn't matter how much money you have in your bank account, its a matter of how hard you work and care about your studies. In terms of sorority life there are many different financle plans one could be on and Trinity is very supporive to allowing every student a chance or opporuntiy.


to a certain extent, but you have to keep in mind that the whole east coast and other NESCAC colleges are very similar


you can make your trinity experience whatever you want. if you want to make the sterotype accurate you can. as for the drugs, perhaps in some circles they are rampant, but again, if thats not your scene it doesnt have to be.


I think most are overgeneralized perceptions, which is what makes it a stereotype, but I also believe these perceptions arise from some kernnel of truth


sometimes yes


To some degree. A fair amount of the student body relative to the real world comes from affluent backgrounds however certainly not all.


not for everyone. but definitely for a faction of the student population that makes themselves very visible.


To some extent.


at times, and with certain people, but i think generally there is a good balance of people who work hard, people who play hard, and people who do both.


to some extent yes


I think that the stereotypes are somewhat accurate but do not define the entire student body by any means.


I would say on average no. There may be those students at Trinity but they are certainly not the majority. There may more students who like to get dressed nicely for class that on some other campuses and Tory Burch and Barbour are staples in many girls wardrobes, but the biggest misconception about Trinity is that there is only this one type of student. You can find almost any commonly classified student at Trinity.


Somewhat, Trinity students do tend to be preppy and party animals but most of them are not so snobby except for a select few.


To a certain extent, I think this is the majority of the visible students on campus (this is, at the fraternities, where the majority of social life happens), but there are many other types of students on campus as well.


no an extent


There are certainly kids like that at Trinity, and if you've never seen people like that before (as I hadn't when I got to Trinity) it's possible to be totally overwhelmed. But though they may stand out more, those kids aren't the majority. Most Trinity kids do their work and care about their grades, regardless of their social life, and there are alternatives to Greek life, most notably the new student-run program The Fred Pfeil Community Project (aka The Fred). Next year even more student-run communities will open up on Vernon Street. Behind its preppy facade, Trinity is full of brilliant professors, engaged students, and many opportunities to shape your life in and outside of the classroom.


to some extent i think yes. There is an abundance of preppy well off students, yet there is definately a good number of students that dont fit inot this mold. I think like at any other school, there are preppy kids and kids who arent preppy, yet here its a little more extreme.




Though some people are coke-snorting, rich, preppy white studets from New England, a lot aren't. Just like at any school, there is a mix of all types of people. The small group that makes up the stereotype is present but not overwhelming.