Trinity College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That they are coke-snorting, rich, preppy white studets from New England


The typical stereotype is that all Trin kids are rich, white, snobs. There really isn't another stereotype.


preppy, pretentious, over-privileged and under-educated


Trinity students are stereotyped as being preppy, boarding school kids who are riding their parents successes through life.


preppy, waspy, wealthy


Trinity is a school of rich, white, preppy students


Rich, country club, preppy, racist, homophobic, partiers


The "typical" Trinity student is often categorized as a white, preppy graduate of an elite boarding or private school in the Northeast, who spends summers on Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard or the Cape-- the girls in sun dresses and the guys in their Nantucket reds and polo shirts. Trinity's academic environment is stereotyped as being less intellectual than that of its counterpart NESCAC colleges, boasting an intense and active social scene as the students loyally uphold the slogan, "work hard, play hard." Trinity is also targeted for having a low level of diversity in its student body, uneasy relationships between students of different backgrounds, and a strained "town-gown" relationship with the residents of Hartford.

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