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What is your overall opinion of this school?


The more I think about my time there the more I realized how much I compartmentalized. I guess I assimilated as best as I could so it was just okay. Now that I realize there was isolation and agony which lead to me forming my views and wanting this career path I am on--it frustrates me and it frustrates me there has been no change. Academic wise it is largely wonderful but quality of life is such a huge part of going to college. Why on earth have the faculty or administration not tried harder to push and push for inclusivity? It should be normalized not seen as something new. There is little to no exposure of what is acceptable when you are confronted with people who aren't really wealthy, didn't go to your boarding school, aren't white (and no your 1 or .5 black/person of color friends don't count.) It's disappointing. That's my opinion.


As I enter my final year at Trinity, a reflection on my past three years is well described by the feeling of fullness. Beginning with my first year seminar, Trinity has maintained a fruitful degree of academic rigor that, while accompanied by individual attention (student faculty ratio 9:1), challenges every student become their exceptional self. This pursuit does not end in the classroom; by the end of my first month, I was working in the on-campus coffeehouse, acting in the fall production, tutoring elementary students, and attending scholarship meetings. At a large university, this tight-schedule might be daunting--impossible, even. At Trinity, personal relationships with faculty and students is indispensable. Whether you need help scheduling, finding extracurriculars, or applying for research/ internship opportunities, Trinity's faculty is there for every student--available before, during, and after office hours. Currently, fresh off the flight from studying abroad, I am living on campus working for Trinity's Admissions Office. I will be completing my final year, writing two thesis & taking in as much as I can in my final lap around. If you think a small, liberal arts school is a fit, absolutely come visit Hartford & take a tour of the college. It was one of the most rewarding choices of my young life.


My time as a Trinity student has been monumental by its academic rigor, individual attention, and specialized programs. Entering the college, I was thrown into a whirlwind of experiences & challenges in and out of the classroom. By the end of my first month, I was working in the on-campus coffeehouse, acting in the fall production, taking advantage of the lively social scene, while balancing the freshman curriculum. At a large university, the bite I took would have been daunting, but the personal relationships I made with those first year professors was indispensable: two of which are my thesis advisors as a senior. Whether you need help catching up or looking to taking advantage of research or internship opportunities, Trinity's faculty is there for every student--available before, during, and after office hours. My Junior year was spent abroad: fall in NYC for a theatre-intensive program & French Immersion in the spring at the Trinity-in-Paris site. The first semester I spent attending over 40 on/off-Broadway performances, studying theatre & dance by professional performers, interning at competitive locations, and gaining my first professional acting credit. Truly an unforgettable experience that had me begging to stay in New York & start auditioning. However, I had a trans-atlantic ticket scheduled for January. In the spring I moved into my (single) apartment in the historic St. Germain neighborhood of Paris, France. Both Parisian & visiting Trinity professors lectured classes in every aspect of French culture. I enrolled in a French Lit course that had class taken at the cafes and jardins that the authors wrote their novels in; my drawing class was held at a different museum every week. To understand anything about a culture different than your own, one must immerse themselves in it: which is what the Trinity-in-Paris program did best. Be it exploring the castles of the French countryside or running around the city interacting with locals, it was impossible not to feel lucky to be exploring a world unknown, especially one as rich as Paris. I highly advise taking advantage of the study abroad programs--which can be nearly anywhere you're interested in. Currently, fresh off the flight from Europe, I am living on campus working for Trinity's Admissions Office. I will be completing my final year, writing two thesis & taking in as much as I can in my final lap around. If you think a small, liberal arts school is a fit, absolutely come visit Hartford & take a tour of the college. It was one of the most rewarding choices of my young life.


My time as a Trinity student has been monumental by its academic rigor, individual attention, and specialized programs. Entering the college, I was thrown into a whirlwind of experiences & challenges in and out of the classroom. By the end of my first month, I was working in the on-campus coffeehouse, acting in the fall production, taking advantage of the lively social scene, while balancing the freshman curriculum. At a large university, the bite I took would have been daunting, but the personal relationships I made with those first year professors was indispensable: two of which are my thesis advisors as a senior. Whether you need help catching up or looking to taking advantage of research or internship opportunities, Trinity's faculty is there for every student--available before, during, and after office hours. My Junior year was spent abroad: fall in NYC for a theatre-intensive program & French Immersion in the spring at the Trinity-in-Paris site. The first semester I spent attending over 40 on/off-Broadway performances, studying theatre & dance by professional


The best thing about Trinity is the classes, teachers, and the relaxed stance on drinking and drugs :). The parties are always raging. I would change the student body. (Diversify the painfully homogenous population) I really do like the size of the school. It's big enough you can run into different kids every weekend, but at the same time also run into kids from your Economic class, and have a drunken. "heeyyy, what's up! econ class remember!!! yeah Mr. smiths a total douche muncher!!!" They can be fun moments, because every kid here is getting just as messed up as you are every night, it doesn't matter who they are. People often don't know of Trinity College where I am from down in the south. To others who are more informed/educated, I think Trinity is viewed as a strong academic school, for the children of the rich. The jist: If you have decent grades, and your parents have the money, you don't have to be like the rest of our countries children and go to a State or Community college. You can just pay tuition and send you kid to a top college! I spend most my time in my dorm room or the library. My life is sinking into depression right now. I'm from Florida, the lack of ambient lighting and a climate suitable for outdoor activities is a definite negative. The doors in the rooms automatically lock, which is not conducive to socializing. Sometimes they're will be a kid in every room of your floor but due to the auto-locking doors and lack of common areas, one can feel isolated and might find it hard to meet others. (resulting in depressed studying and loneliness). Trinity is under no circumstances a college town. Wondering off of Campus will almost always result in a mugging, not that there is anywhere to go (with the exception of 1 gas station, and 3 liquor stores.) Because of the surrounding ghetto around Trinity, you may feel as though you are on an island, only the TrinIsland has no sun, no water, no sand. It is a land locked safe-zone in the middle of mayhem and possibly one of the worst ghettos in the nation. I went through a phase of reading the Hartford Current everyday seeing what crimes went down the night before, and then punching in the addresses of the altercations. Each time I am more amazed than the last, each crime took place closer to Trinity than the last. At a certain point, the fact that a dead body wound up in front of the liquor store you hiked 10 minutes into the ghetto to pick up booze from (so they don't ID you) the day before becomes banal. The administration of Trinity is highly regarded. President Jones is a nice enough guy, he has the ability to relate to everyone from everywhere which is great. But a politician type, you never really know with that kind of person. (Being new, I'm not sure if that's because that's what were supposed to think, being brainwashed members of the student body, or if they actually are doing a good job.) In my opinion, the admissions department is doing a terrible job. I don't see positive change in our student body if we continue to accept (Northeastern) Prep Schoolers mindlessly. We need some substance in this place! The biggest controversy on campus, that's a hard question. There is not much controversy here at Trinity. Opposition is crushed as in a dictatorship. The fraternities ensure that everyone strives to be as white and elite as possible. There is no time for individuality or protest. The structure of every aspect of Trinity (calendar, events, everything) is geared to be a rich spoiled kids dream school. (Long breaks for European excursions in the winter, and lame, poorly-organized parties in the student center for those who can't make it in the Frat scene.) Even when you get in trouble for drinking underage or something, you're not actually reprimanded. You have to pay a fine, like the [email protected]&#ing NFL. Trinity is similar to the NFL, in that there is so much money that a student, similar to an NFL player can get out of any trouble by throwing some of his/her excess money at the problem. (They may try to have you do some community service as punishment instead, but if you feel that you (commonly: a jobless, sport-less, COLLEGE kid (the epitome of someone with time) don't have time to do the community service, they are very understanding and will just fine you instead.) I would say there is little to no school pride. There are the kids who pride themselves in being part of a community that is as white and littered in ridiculous Patagonia fleeces and Polo shirts as they. There are also those who are part of the squash team, and have a sense of pride in being part of the team with the longest win streak in any sport at any level, and rightfully so. But none of this transfers to school spirit, or Bantam pride. There is no one wearing Blue and Gold. No one will paint their faces. Sleep is priority over supporting the Football team or even the great Squash team. What is unusual about Trinity is the extreme homogeneousness. I have never been in a place where something as subjective as "cool" is so unanimous. The thing that is the most unusual about Trinity is the blandness, even amongst students from very different places and cultures. They all secede to the powerhouse that is Trinity popular culture. First year students may come in hearing Trinity is preppy. They'll accept that, and won't expect to change themselves. Three months later, the (commonly wealthy) individual will already have purchased an awful olive-colored barnyard jacket and several pairs of Sperrys. This ultimately continues to keep it's ugly student body, ugly. (But well dressed.) I have had a lot of fun at Trinity. I will always remember the parties and the beautiful people. I will remember my self-developent and character-development as I become an adult. I will never forget interacting with these rich kids, who act like brats and try to steer my children away from how they act. Students complain about: -Absurd amounts of snow -Cold -Dorm locations (if your not part of the concrete jungle as a Freshmen, you're really an outsider from the beginning) -Boring repetition in activities from day to day -Not being able to get off campus/isolation -Having to eat at the same two places every day.


On the surface, Trinity is an idyllic small New England college, and this is precisely how it promotes itself. However, a closer examination of the college reveals that its small size is stifling, its aesthetically beautiful campus is severely incongruous with the surrounding area, and its impressive academic potential is virtually wasted on a student body that is at once apathetic and incompetent. The only redeeming quality of Trinity is its faculty. The professors are highly intelligent and accomplished, and more than willing to award individual attention to their students.


Trinity is located in a capital city, yet the campus has a rural feel. It is so unique in that you have an absolutely beautiful enclosed campus as well as access to a wealth of different internship, cultural, and community service opportunities right beyond the campus borders. There are incredible relationships between faculty and students, a great amount of say that students are given in the administrative aspects of the college, and a strong sense of community and involvement on campus. The small size of the school enhances the academic experience as well as the strong social connections. Trinity students have great quality of life. Students typically love the school because of the great sense of community cultivated on campus. Most students live on campus or in very close proximity to the campus, which enhances that community-feel. The on-campus housing is excellent and continues to improve. Summer 2008 renovations on the largest, oldest residence hall have been completed, providing 6-to-9-person suite housing options. First year housing is based on the first year seminar, but after that, housing is based on a lottery system. So if, for instance, one year a student’s dorm is not centrally located, the following year he or she will have a lower lottery number when choosing housing. The administration at Trinity makes it a point to listen to students’ views. Often students are members of boards that make major decisions about the college. Our campus movie theater and many of the student houses and spaces on campus are all students-run. As far as the facilities, the library underwent a 35-million dollar renovation in the past five years. There are committees of faculty and students continually assessing the maintenance of classroom and lab spaces. The main buffet-style dining hall, Mather, was refurbished this year and is now top-of-the-line. There are also two other dining options on campus: the Cave, which offers sandwiches, pizza, and food on the go, and the Bistro, which has a grill, sandwiches, smoothies/ shakes, salad bar, sushi twice a week, and culinary nights. Compared to most cities, Hartford does not have a very high cost of living. Trinity is located in a low-income area within Hartford. A lot of community service efforts are made right in the outskirts of the campus, which has resulted in a great deal of positive change in the surrounding area. Community service is a huge commitment of Trinity students, making it the largest student organization on campus. There is a strong relationship between Trinity students and the Hartford youth. Trinity students tutor or mentor Hartford students at the local Learning Corridor and Boys and Girls club right on the campus edge. The Trinity Campus Safety do their best to be proactive about crime. They have a strong presence on campus- always on the main walkways after dusk with lights flashing. Trinity is also on the Blue Light system. As on any college campus, students are urged to use their common sense when walking around after dark. There are campus shuttles circling the campus after dusk and Campus Safety offers escorts to take students anywhere on campus if they ever feel unsafe. Trinity alumni are very talented and successful. In addition, they are usually happy to help other students find careers and become successful themselves. Trinity’s Career Services is very active in organizing alumni and student gatherings as well as forming websites that connect students to alumni in their field. In addition, Career Services often holds recruiting events, mock interviews, workshops, and career seminars. Many seniors are working with Peace Corps or Teach for America. Others go straight into graduate school, particularly in the sciences. Others still find careers in finance, marketing, arts, etc. Most importantly, the preparation that any Trinity student receives throughout the four years makes that student a competitive candidate for any position. They are typically confident interviewees, strong analytical thinkers, and diligent workers.


The best things about Trinity are that you have a good deal of control over your academic path. Lately, there have been the introductions of new spaces for various groups to pursue their interests. Most people here are very intelligent and interesting- there is more diversity in more areas than people think there is. Also, the campus is beautiful and it is possible to feel apart of a community there. The worst thing about Trinity is the student's apathetic attitudes. When problems or issues arise and need to be addressed, people seem more concerned with defending themselves and being aggressive towards other groups than actually taking a good look at themselves and seeing what they can change and if some of the fault truly lies with them. People tend to talk, talk, and talk, and then not actually get anything done.


The whole school comes out onto the quad on a good day. I'd change the arrogance of some of the wealthy kids. The size is just right. Most of my time is spent at the athletic center and at the dining hall. racial conflict is the biggest controversy on campus. Students are always complaining about Campus Safety and our dining hall food.


The bottom line about trinity is that we work as hard as we play. I've spent an equal amount of nights spent at my desk without sleep from 8pm to 9am as I have partying until 4am on saturday. The one thing that deters people about Trinity is that it is in the middle of a very rough area of Hartford. I'm not going to lie, November was a scary month (gang intitiation month; teen gang initiates must beat up a Trinity student to be accepted), but I have found the campus to be very safe otherwise. Just use common sense: walking alone across dark areas of campus at 3am may not be the best idea. But other than that Trinity is a solid school that provides a great education (and more than enough work) along with an unforgettable college experience. Freshman year felt like highschool on steroids--it feels like you are still high school seniors, but there are no parents around and beer is much easier to get. We fulfill many stereotypes of college--you'll find kids wearing polos and madras shorts and students tossing frisbees on the quad, along with the occasional argument over who's better at beiruit or flip cup. Overall it is a great school.


best thing about trinity: its professors one thing i'd change is its location, unfortunately this is not a safe place and students are target. campus safety has to be reinforced and they are working on that. the school is not too large and i like that because it makes it more like home, you get to know more people and that is good, you are not a stranger. Since i am part of the minority at trinity people react surprised when they find out i go to trinity, but hey I got a full scholarship and this school welcomed me very well, why do we keep the stereotypes and don't find out what trinity really is? I don't live on campus, but if i did i could spend time at fraternities, the Fred, Mather dining hall, the cave, austin arts center, bbq outside one of the houses. Trinity has to fix the administration because when it comes to money they are not very wise on how to use their budget, but the school newspapers and clubs keep things in line and in order. Complaints, no much variety on what to do.. but there is, the problem is that there is no clear place where you can find out everything that happens in school, and of course the campus safety issue, and probably parking as well. We need more domrs, and thank god they are building them, plus they are tearing down some ugly buildings and fixing the long walk, it's taking some time, but the school is looking much better


I am a chemistry major and Trinity has amazing scientific facilities and professors. All the Trinity professors that I have encountered are willing to help all the time with my academic work and my personal life, when I need it. They all take tons of time to spend with every student. The scientific instrumentation is unparalleled at a school of Trinity's size. The emphasis on undergraduate research is apparent and many of the science majors are funneled into top graduate schools. Hartford is not a college town and kind of dangerous.


Trinity is really small which means when you tell someone you go there, it doesn't always get recognized. It also means that it is a very small community where things travel fairly quickly. The is not the best run institution in the country. There are a lot of financial problems and behavioral problems. There has been a lot of controversy recently about community relations and racism on campus. Depending on your interests, that is where most of your time will be spent; the classroom, the athletic fields, the fraternities or sororities, etc.


Trinity is amazing with a few exceptions. First its in the middle of the ghetto and there are often incidents of students getting mugged or assaulted. The lack of funds has driven tuition up, while there are less classes to choose from among other noticeable cuts throughout the college. Most of the girls at Trinity are very attractive while the male population not so much. The boys get tail from hotter girls then they should in real life and in turn, creates egotistical frat maniacs. Also, the campus food dominated Chartwells is by far the worst thing about Trinity. The food is aweful. Usually pumped full of harmones and diminishing options force students to look elsewhere for nutrition. It is really gross.


My school is the perfect size. Trinity is well known in all parts of the country and especially adults are impressed when I tell them I am an undergrad here. I love playing volleyball and I love the Spring - warm weather, students out on the quad, outside sports, so fun! I'm so sad to be graduating :(


Small School that has a lot of internal social conflicts and a heavy work load but is a great way to prepare you for the hardships that live will throw at you


Trinity has great class sizes, wonderful teachers who really want to get to know you and a picturesque campus that is pretty self-contained. Trinity is for a student who wants to work hard and party hard and like the accesibility to Boston and NYC.


Trinity is a school full of rich kids from New England who don't try to hide it. Since the surrounding area, and really all of Hartford force students to stay on campus, drinking becomes the major social activity. People definitely do study, but other than academics and partying they concentrate on little else. Extracurriculars are not huge for the most part, neither are alternative lifestyles. The administration really does nothing to break this cycle, and the students that try to are met with a lot of resistance.


I have little to complain about hte faculty and administration to hte campus. It seems that the administration could sometimes try to steer the school in a more open minded / diverse direction, but that is not completely their fault


i love the size of trinity. i love the people at trinity. i love how you can always see people around that you know. it makes you feel never lonely because someone is always there, or someone is always smiling and saying hi to you, which always makes your day better. the sports are fun because nescac is competitive within itself so it's a fun league to be in. on saturdays, and some sundays, everyone is around the fields watching all the sports games because all the fields are so close on campus and you can just go from one field to the other, or even see more than 1 game at 1 time. there is a ton of school pride and everyone loves being at trinity. no one wants to go home for the summer, because we all wish the school year could just continue on. doing work isn't even a big deal, or a big hassle, because there's fun to do that balances it out, and when you do work, you have so much fun to look forward to.


For the most part, the professors at Trinity are excellent. Anyone can get a good education by dedicating himself to his work, no problem. It's the student body that's the main problem: others are stupid, inarticulate, and thoughtless. Partying is the main order of the day. Hartford is a slummy dump, so there's no real escape. The most frequent student complaints are against the homophobic, misogynistic, and racist fraternities and against the general danger of being outside past 9:00.


We go to a small school but we can do all the things that a big University can do. Trinity embraces the individual voice. You can move mountains at Trinity, as long as you're motivated. Hartford has a lot to offer; most students don't take advantage of the great resources available in Hartford. We have an amazing faculty at our disposal. Racism is rampant at Trinity. The TrinTrin culture continually assults women and students of color.


Trinity is a small school, and it is perfect that way. Despite the bad reputation of the Hartford area, Trinity is a gem among the area. The campus is very beautiful, and after the long walk renovation, it will be even more beautiful. There is a lot to do on campus, and a lot of diversity. There is a great scene at Trinity, and a small bar across the street. The administration and professors are excellent, for the most part. I find it is very difficult to find a professor that I don't like.


The best thing about Trinity is the available resources it has to offer. I would make more classes available, or make the student body larger-campus larger. Some people say Trinity is a godd school and some never heard about it. I spend most of my time in the library using computers. "What college town?" Controversy-personal safety, some kid's are being to reckless- they are not street smart at all. School pride is there.


Best thing is the quality of the professors. Great professors in philosophy and poli sci departments especially. -there is no parking. students forced off campus, made to register, then get ticketed / towed --all the time. no parking, for commuters especially, is absurd. -school is too small and not diverse (but this was expected before i came here) -not much school pride, i dont think -frats are the social scene, organized in a heierarchy of wealth. also absurd. -lots of drinking, drugs, and cigarette smoking -one girl was raped the other week at 4:00am on trinity campus. this is the major controversy, safety. was it her fault? campus safety's fault?


The best thing about Trinity is the size. Its small enough so that I see people I know basically everywhere, and I know the majority of people in my class, even if only by face. The people are really friendly, and I feel like there really aren't that many loners. Everybody fits in somewhere and people tend to find their groups of friends pretty quickly. The one major let down of going to Trinity is being in Hartford. It's basically a shit show, so people spend basically all of their time on campus. The majority of the party scene takes place at the fraternities which also gets a little old at times.


Horrible location, bring a handgun to school because campus safety wont do anything to keep you safe and the locals are armed. The campus needs to be closed or made safer. But that doesn't stop the fun and we still manage to have a good time.


Trinity is somewhat isolated from the local Hartford community, despite efforts to the contrary. Camp Trin-Trin is an accurate nickname.


The best thing about Trinity is the cultural opportunities provided to students, both through the school and through the city. I think the size is just right. While it can feel small at times, a school of 2,300 students means that there will always be new people to meet yet there are recognizable faces that greet you with a smile each time you leave your dorm room.


Trinity is a small school, which means small classes. Students and professors know each other and you begin to build relationships with your professors from the first day of class. I've never taken a class that had more than 40 people in it and that was an intro. class. Trinity is a party school, but students take their work very seriously as well. Trinity is in a city and is located in a very poor neighborhood. Hartford as a lot to offer and there's access to public transportation in and out of the city. People don't go downtown as often as one would think. However, if you want to the option is always there. Trinity students prefer to stay inside the Trinity bubble than travel outside of it. Trinity has had some problems with campus safety and racism. As a minority student, I've always felt completely comfortable at Trinity and never have had to deal with any racism. Other minority students tend to segragate themselves and, in my opinion, that plays a major role in the campus climate in terms of racism. Trinity administration isn't always as concerned about the student body as one would think it should be at such a small school. For example, they guaranteed housing for four years, but my junior year there was a housing shortage and half of the junior class had to move off-campus. Another example is their planning of Spring Weekend during the first days of Passover.


I love Trinity! One of Trinity's many appeals is its small size- only about 2,200 total undergraduate students. It provides for a close-knit and personable community that all sorts of individuals can excel in and enjoy. Most people positively respond when I tell them I go to Trinity; however since I am from California, many people on the West Coast have not heard of small, private liberal arts colleges in New England. Those from the East Coast, especially the New England area, respect Trinity students and the schools academic reputation. The most common response you would receive to the question of "what would you change about the school?" would be the location, which is Hartford, Connecticut. Most people would describe the surrounding area of Trinity's campus as a "ghetto," and to be perfectly honest that is fairly accurate. The biggest controversy at Trinity would be related to the surrounding city and its role of safety on the campus itself. Although Hartford may not be your typical college town, in its defense it has a lot of really good restaurants that the students frequent. During the week I spend time studying in the library- which is beautiful- or hanging out in Peter B's, the coffee shop. On the weekends my time, along with the majority of the very social campus, is spent in the fraternities. A lot of students play sports here, and are proud of our unique and quirky mascot- the Bantam- but there isn't an overwhelming sense of school spirit. In the beginning of the year there is quite a show at the football games and the same in the spring with baseball, because both of the teams are good and the students will usually take advantage of the good weather and drink with their friends.


I would get rid of the Greek life. It's unnecessary at such a small school, and kids, especially freshmen, think it's awesome to get drunk and go out to frats and dance with strangers. I guess you'd call this the social life, but there's nothing social about dancing belligerently with strangers, is there? Unless you have a car, you're pretty stranded on campus. The area of Hartford is really dangerous and you shouldn't go anywhere by yourself if you walk off campus. Having a car is awesome - you can go to the mall or to West Hartford which are both about a 10 minute drive and are really nice.


I really like that Trinity is not at all a 'suitcase school' meaning that most students remain on or around campus throughout the week and weekends. However, this can lead to a 'bubbling' affect. There is not as much interaction with the Hartford community because most students are campus centered.


i think there is a great deal of school pride-i spend a majority of time involved with my accapello group, the trinitones, and i love it. i am amazed by how many students at trinity support accapello as there is always a huge turnout for all of our concerts. I spend the majority of time on campus in either a. the dining halls or b. the library. i love the library at trinity-i find it to be the best place to get your work done as there is such a warm and calm atmosphere to it.


there is a diverse social climate on this campus, and at times that can make things rocky. i would love for there to be one thing that ties all students together (possibly a college town), but in the meantime, there are countless debates that come up along this point, with little to be done about the problem.


Academically Trinity is a spectacular school. I cannot say enough about how supportive and knowledgable my professors are or how stimulating my classes are. There are ample opportunities to enrich your knowledge outside of the classroom and wonderful events that are held on campus. Unfortunately, I wish more students took advantage of the wonderful things Trinity has to offer. Many events are sparsely attended. Socially, Trinity is an active and fun environment, however, given its size it can feel a little small by senior year. Greek life plays an active role in the social scene at Trinity, which is an excellent outlet for those involved. However, can be difficult for those outside of it. The resources of Trinity's Greek community i.e. the number of frats and sororities and the number of events they hold or people they accept does not match the demand. Students are thus sometimes left out in the cold. The downtown scene in Hartford and Trinity's college bar, The Tap helps to alleviate this problem for many seniors. Dtudents from all different social circles go to bars downtown and The Tap, thus they become excellent places for running into friends.


The best thing about Trinity are the friends you make. this school has a prestigious reputation and has gret classes.


the best thing about trinity is the beautiful campus green, springtime on the quad. i'd make it safer by adding more lights. trinity is just right. i get positive reactions when i say i go to trinity. i spend most of my time in the library. downtown hartford and west hartford are great- delicious restaurants; however, the surrounding area is a bit dangerous. safety is a big issue at our school, and the fact that a student just recently was assaulted is a horrible problem.


I like that its a smaller school in a urban setting but has a campus. The downside is that the urban setting is Hartford, although it does provide for a good learning experience. Go school for connections but only in this part of the country. Biggest controversies on campus are safety and diversity.


For the most part, Trinity is a fantastic college. Trinity facilitates an environment where kids work hard and party hard. Although located in a terrible neighborhood, the city of Hartford and West Hartford offer a lot of opportunities to students... internships, shopping, banks, restaurants, etc biggest (recent) conroversy: racism


The school is too small. Im sure people know too much about me but its funny knowing ridiculous stuff about other people. THere is like no school pride. People come to our baseball games when its warm and they can drink


The best thing about Trinity is the school spirit and the love and pride that people have for the school. If I could change one thing about the school it would be the immediate area around it. Trinity is fairly small but it makes it a cozy intimate school. I am constantly so proud to tell people I am a Trinity student.


The one thing I would change about Trinity is to make the student body more socially aware and active. The campus is rather apathetic about lots of things - politics, social causes, controversies/issues that come up on campus, etc. For example, recently safety on campus has become a raised issue in light of an unfortunate sexual assault on one of our main streets. There was a student forum held by the SGA in which Deans, campus safety representatives, and other faculty would be present. About 40 people showed up and most left before the end of the forum. In regards to an issue that affects every single person on this campus, a sadly small percentage of students made the effort to attend this forum. In general, the student body seems to only put time into things that will benefit themselves.


There is not much to do outside of trinity, we do have a mall and a couple of great restaurants, but i usually never go off campus on the weekends in terms of bars,etc. I love trinity and basically everyone here does too. Everyone just wants to have fun but we all also take our work seriously. The second it is nice out the majority of the school will be drinking on the quad or attending sporting events. The biggest controversy on campus is the recent sexual assault...but you just need to be careful - there is no reason why that girl should have been by herself at 4am. You just cant be stupid and you should be fine.


People often criticize Trinity for lacking diversity. Although I agree that the school would benefit from a wider span of ethnic diversity, I pride the school for accepting students who uphold a similar moral basis of values. Besides the occasional violence on campus and the lack in diversity amongst the student body, Trinity is a wonderful institution both academically and socially.


The disappointing part about Trinity is that lack of a surrounding college town. If you want to get off campus, walking is not the best idea and it is best to have a car or a friend with a car. There are about two things that are in walking distance from campus which, unfortunately, can be quite the turn off. On the other hand, if you do have a means of transportation, there are some great things to see and some amazing restaurants to be found in Hartford and the surrounding areas. Coming from Los Angeles, I'm accustomed to delicious, cool restaurants and when I visited Trinity for the first time, I was quite skeptical of finding anything decent to eat. However, with a little exploring, one can discover the gems of Hartford's less than great areas. You can find almost any cuisine whether it be expensive or not. Such restaurants are also a great way to get off campus when you feel like you need some air or to escape from the so called "Trinity bubble". It is almost a breath of fresh air when you leave campus every once in a while. Most of the time, however, Trinity consumes you and leaving campus can be dissatisfying because one undoubtedly has a great experience and Trinity. Such a great experience is easy to come by mostly because of the people here. When I think about the students at Trinity I realize that everyone works just as hard as they play. This is especially true when the weather permits and students can be found outside playing or watching a sports game or even lounging on a towel on the quad. The students at Trinity are overall a group of people who loves to have fun and include everyone.


great environment, something for everyone. Small and tight knit community, where students are actively involved in many different activities around campus.


For those who didn't get into Williams, or didn't want to be stuck in the Middlebury woods or way up in Maine... It's the best work hard play hard liberal arts school in the Northeast. The campus is beautiful as are the girls, the greek life is still strong, there is always something to do at night, and you can still leverage the academic street cred when applying for a job.


The best thing about Trinity is definitely the Spring. On a nice day, everyone is outside grilling, playing sports and hanging out in the quad. If I could change anything about Trinity it would be the food and the parking situation. I also think that Trinity should really consider gating Campus. They have done a lot to protect the students, but it seems that people from outside of Trinity can easily walk on Campus and I do not feel safe at night. I think the size is just right, I like recognizing people everywhere I go, but I still feel like I am constantly meeting new people. I think I would feel lost in a big school. I spend most of my time in the Library, gym and my dorm. On nice days, most of my time is spent outsidedoing my work or hanging out. West Hartford has a lot of options, but its 10 min away by car. Therefore, I dont ever leave campus unless I drive somewhere. The surrounding city is not the greatest area. The last biggest controversy was a sexual assault on campus. For a D3 school, Trinity's students have a lot of school pride. On home game days, especially on a nice day, everyone is outside supporting and socializing.


Trinity is the place where students work hard, and play harder. Students here are very involved in their academics, but also know how to have fun on the weekends-- which typically start on a thursday. The best thing about Trinity is the spring, specifically spring weekend.

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