Trinity College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think anyone could. I think they need to make more of an effort to have all types into the school. Reach out for accessibility, make those connections stronger, let others know about it other than those who are part of the boarding/day school majority. That being said with that NOT happening, do what you want. Should attend if you fit the stereotype basically. If you don't tho it'll be alright.


Trinity is a place that has varying opportunities and adversities for each different kind of person. Any person should attent. A universal quality a person should have if attending is ability to accept and be open to learning about the differences of another. S/he has to be able to intellectually challenge her/his classmates in an academic setting. S/he should show pride in a community of young students learning. S/he needs to be aware of and not judge the lack of privilege in the immediate area of hartford that surrounds Trinity.


I look forward to attending Trinity College very much. The student who yearns to attend a small liberal arts college where they feel noticed and feel I that they matter should apply. Even with the large surrounding city, you will still have the ability to relax in a secluded place where you can enjoy the view of a gorgeous New England sunset. Trinity College is prestigious and it is one of a kind, being located in an intimate setting in the hills outside of Hartford. They boast a world-class faculty that should certainly not be overlooked!


Anyone really, whoever feels comfortable. There are many niches to be filled.


People that are smart, outgoing, and like to have fun will get the most out of attending Trinity.


An affluent white student because they would fit in. But I would hope that more students that don't fit into that category would apply to create more balance at this school.


People who want to change the world, but have thick enough skin to deal with all the naysayers


Someone who is rich, who is preppy, someone who probably has family that has graduated from Trinity, and anyone interested in majoring in either economics, history, psychology or english. Those are by far the most populous majors. But yeah, Trinity is extremely affluent, and it tends to dictate social stratifications on campus. It's not impossible to find a niche at Trinity if you're not a run-of-the-mill trust-fund baby (lord knows I'm not), but it just makes life easier I suppose.


Students who are highly proactive will get the most out of the many things Trinity has to offer, but those who are less so will have to work harder to seek out opportunities that are there, but not evident at first.


The type of person who should attend Trinity is the type who know how to work hard but also how to relax and enjoy themself. Trinity students are intelligent and academically motivated, but are also excited about homecoming football games and school musicals. And though students like to do well, it is not a cut-throat environment.


A preppy, wealthy, white kid. Although I strongly support and encourage the college's efforts to bring in a more diverse student body, because I think the school would be wonderful if there was a difference among the student body, as opposed to uniformed clones running around.

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