Trinity College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I don't think putting the yes/no circumstances to people is that easy. It oversimplifies it. But if you don't fit the stereotypes you read or hear it'll be harder socially is all. But if you are into your academics (especially science so I've heard) that is a major draw.


If you had trouble fitting in and finding yourself in high school, this is not the school for you. It can be even more exclusive than my high school was, and it's hard for people who just want to make friends and find a place to fit in. I would not recommend it to anyone who comes from a less-than-affluent family, both because of the social environment and because the school finds every excuse to take money from its students.


An individual that prefers to be alone shouldn't attend WT. This campus has many friendly students and faculty that encourages campus involvement.


Someone who doesn't enjoy small classes, someone who is very liberal, or someone who does not want to live in a community centered around (albeit small) school sports.


The kind of person that is unresponsible and do not enjoy school work. The kind that come to slack off.


Someone who doesn't want a gorgeous campus, engaged and intellegent students and amazing and caring professors to be a part of their college experience.


Someone who wants to go home every weekend.


Someone who can't abide the cold. In winter it can get down below freezing.

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