Trinity College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The sheer embodiment of privilege and lack of regard about people different basically. Being black at this school is a trip. It's like a more "grown up" version of typical high school. So fucking strange. Also empathy with regards to social justice/politics/cultural issues.


Very small- can sometimes get tiring. But there are more people out there than you'd initially think- you just need to try and branch out from your comfort zone


The fact that fraternity life dominates. It gets boring after a while, and if you don't drink, you will have a hard time fitting in.


sketchy neighborhood around it social life is often just random hook-ups, not many real relationships some overly preppy/spoiled/irresponsible students here


never get laid


The lack of respect for people with different cultures, sexual orientations, races, etc.


PARKING -- Trinity is in a city and the campus has minimal parking spaces. Also, several college catalouges suggest that Trinity has horrible relations with the city of Hartford, which is simply untrue. Community Service is a big part of Trinity's campus and almost every student takes advantage of internship / job opportunities in downtown. Not to mention the many restaurants that fill Hartford!


The lack of community and social opportunities. Since the scene revolves around fraternities it is limited. There is a lack of diversity in this area as well as cultural diversity. However Trinity is making visible efforts to change this problem.

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