Trinity International University-Illinois Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates fall into a mixture of those who legitamately care about their studies and those who do not; those who are strong in their faith and are motivated academically are the ones who respect and pay attention to the professor, while the other students who are less motivated academically are the ones who do not give the professor the respect and attention the professor deserves., consequently, these students are also the ones who do not do as well in the classroom.


Most of my classmates are quite friendly, dedicated to their Christian faith and in serving others. There is a strong sense of community if you seek it out. Joining an on-campus group like Gospel Choir, or any of the service organizations is where the most friendly people are to be found. Most are dedicated to doing well in a pratical degree to continue serving their community in the future.


They are closed minded, arrogant, and boring.


My classmates are a widely diverse group of people from varying backgrounds and cultures who bring their own stories and goals to the overall atmosphere.


My classmates are friendly people who really care about their major. I feel very welcomed at my school and i have a fun social life. People are willing to help out with time, tutoring, or community service. With my classmates i really do feel like its home.


Some of my classmates were more motivated than others, but most were usually a pleasure to be around.