Trinity International University-Illinois Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


TIU is a private Christian liberal arts school. It has a seminary school, which is abrihivated to TEDS. Its a small school that is known for its ability to make students feel completely comfortable and not jut another ID number. Trinity has staff on hand to help you constantly. TIU's mission is to form the students, so that they can transform the world.


Trinity is probably best known for being the college side of it's very renowned seminary.


TIU is best know for its grad side in all honesty, but its undergrad program is also a big name when it comes to finding a Christian liberal art education. It has prfoessors gifted in their content areas who also have a passion for God.


My school is known for integrating Christian faith and values with academics. Trinity International University is known for a spritutal, loving, caring, educational environment while preparing students to be shaped and transformed to live the Word of God through The Lord Jesus Christ. By reflecting the image of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are being formed to Transform the world through Christ for the Good! Addressing social, economic, cultural, spritual, environmental issues for the better while the best is yet to come!


Trinity International University is best know for the Evangelical Divinity School that is part of the University. The students and professor have been published in numerous academic publications. Many students have gone on to be quite important in their various fields of study.


It is most known for its community and environment. Well-trained professors and staff at trinity provide an amazing environment to learn. The student body works hard to establish a great community that supports each other. Trinity is also well known for their focus on Christian values. Trinity seeks to develop their students in both the academic and spritual areas.


It is connected to a world-class seminary.


Part of the pride and joy of Trinity is the graduate and seminary program. Many undergraduates can partner with the graduate program for a particular emphasis in their degree or can easily transition into the graduate program after completing a bachelor's degree. The affiliation with Trinity also provides many connections to ministry related internships, programs and careers.