Trinity University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students of Trinity are like one big family, where your close friends are like your immediate family, your friends are like your extended family, the staff and the faculty are like your aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and the rest of the student body is like your cousin's cousin because even if you don't know them, you still recognize them from around campus and know that they belong there too.


Trinity students and faculty are extremely friendly and helpful. I am an international student from Thailand and I felt at home in the first week I arrived at Trinity University. Trinity students in general are very diligent and it's always a great experience to work in groups. There are about 130 student organizations on campus and Trinity Students are at least actively involved in 4 at any given time. In my years at Trinity, I have met people from all backgrounds and it has truly been a rewarding experience.


There are so many clubs at Trinity! Just to name a few: geo club, outdoor rec (go kayaking and camping), SAGE (sexual equality), Latino Exchange, TUVAC (community service) and neuroscience club. If you have an interest Trinity has a club. There are students of every variety at Trinity. There are a lot of international students. However, most of the students come from Texas. While Trinity is small and allows students to pretty much know everyone, the school can be quite cliquish. Sororities are pretty bad about this (speaking of which 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the sororities and frats are local, not national) and once you meet your friends at the beginning of the year you kinda stick with them. However, because students can participate in so many activities, you do branch out at the same time.


The students at school are a completely mixed bag when it comes to religion, LGBT, and socio-economic backgrounds. Racial diversity is a little different. I would venture to say the majority of students is White, Asian, Hispanic and then African-American. However, no matter what your race or background, everyone treats other people with respect. If someone does not treat a fellow student well, others do not take kindly to it. I cannot think of someone who would feel out of place at Trinity, because all types come here. If someone does not like small schools, then do not come here. Going to class students wear anything from jeans and a t-shirt, sweatpants, or the latest in the hipster trend. The only thing that is not recommended is going to class having obviously not showered. Despite wearing lazy clothes some days, people do make an effort. Most students are from Texas and surprisingly I've met a lot from California. Also, most students are here on scholarships, which Trinity is very generous of, so a lot of students have a middle-class background.


My classmates are stressed and hard-working, but know how to have a lot of fun when their schedules allow.


I truly feel that all students at Trinity University are hard workers and strongly care about their educational success. The library is always packed. However, all Trinity students do a great job of keeping good balance between school and social activities, not being overwhelmed by either. Since Trinty is a relatively small school, most students either recognize or personally know the majority of students on campus, making everyone more friendly.


Nearly everyone is really driven and excited about their futures.


My classmates are hard working people. We all strive to do the best that we can in a very challenging school. Everyone is friendly and willing to help each other out. We are more like one giant family that has come together from all parts of the world. We are there to support each other, help each other, and challenge each other.


Trinity University students are very driven and their main focus is on making good grades, for many of them wish to go on the Medical school, Law school, or graduate school for their specialty.


My classmates are my peers that I am not afraid to ask questions to, and individuals who really want to be learning the subject.


At Trinity you will find a lot of diversity, or at least diverse-minded people. There are a lot of international students, although the majority of students are from Texas, there are plenty of out-of-staters too. I would describe the student body as primarily "main-stream" though of course you will find unique people of all different kinds. Most students dress fairly well for class, you won't see people in pajamas or anything, sadly enough. People dress casually and comfortably, and according to their mood. There are no real cliques or any divisions within the student body, and greek life has a fairly small influence overall. I would say most students are pretty humble and world conscious. There are a lot of organizations that reflect the student body's participation in larger causes like Amnesty International, Diversity Connection, LGBT, and other socially aware groups.


Fun, friendly, strong sense of balance between school and social activities.




Many are very driven, almost too driven. They don't come out of their rooms except to move to the library and to eat. Others, though, are less serious and those are the ones that i tend to hang out with on a regular basisl


We're all pretty chill with each other and you'll always see someone you know on the way to class.


My classmates are brilliant and very competitive.


Hard working intellegent people who focus on work but also play hard.


My classmates are rich and poor, culturally diverse for the most part, friendly, liberal, and socially diverse in many aspects, some like drinking a lot others know how to have fun other ways.


My classmates are all friendly, open-minded, intelligent people.


We all are rather focused and want to work together to make sure everyone succeeds.


outgoing with some nerds. very determinded academically. rich backgrounds