Trinity University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Trinity is best known for its liberal arts education, friendly student body, and beautiful campus. Recently, its Center for Science Innovation was renovated to ensure its students had the best quality spaces and equipment for their studies. It is also well known in San Antonio for its Distinguished Lecture Series.


Best known for our strong academic programs and our beautiful campus. We also win 'best dorm' in Cosmo every year, and you might remember the Miracle in Missouri, when our football team won against Milsaps college with something like 17 laterals in a single play.


Trinity is best known for a small class size and the availability of professors for the students to use as a resource, which fosters student-teacher relationships. It is also known for providing a small community feel in a large city.


Trinity is pretty prestigious. It is a liberal arts school so of course it is known for that kind of education. It is also known as a small school. However, it has a very good reputation. It is a pretty selective school so students here are expected to do well. Also,being a private school, it is known for being a bit on the expensive side.


My university is known for many things. Trinity has a well-renowned pre-med program, as well as a successful Business program. Also, the school's staff is wonderful and very professional - something like 98% of professors have their master's degree. The classes are small enough for the professor to become well acquainted with students, but large enough to generate practical discourse. Trinity's social atmosphere has a wide variety - most students engage in at least one extra curricular activity or club (many founded and run by the students themselves).


Its best know for education and its pre-med program. I ws drawn here becasue of the pre-med program and the opportunity to get hands on research experience as an undergraduate.


The sports are good for Divison III and it's smallness