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Trinity professors genuinely care about your success and care about knowing you as a a person, not just "another number." For me, the small classes foster a discussion-based classroom experience that is truly unique when compared to larger schools. Additionally, it is a Division III school that competes athletically for conference and national championships in different sports each year.


Our school as a great way of providing amazing academics with series athletes. I am on the track team and the training that I endure year round is both intense and challeneging. Yet, the focus of my time at Trinity is put into my studies. Futhermore, the student to teacher ratio allows for a productive work environmnet


What is unique about my school is how the students can form good relationships with the professors because of the small/medium sized classes. The professors always welcome us into their offices if we need help, no matter what department they are from. I've always liked that because it shows that they aren't going to leave us out in the cold; they actually want us to do well in their classes.


I think the atmosphere of my school is very unique. The professors are so engaging and the students are so friendly. There are people from many different walks of life here, and it's amazing getting to interact with them on a daily basis.


I believe my school is unique because it is so diverse. When some people think of diversity they only include race, but it is much more than that. My school does a great job at making everyone, despite their diverse backgrounds, feel comfortable and educate others about diversity. I am very thankful that I am able to be submersed in this environment.


Trinity is a pretty great place, but it's not for everyone. The academics are great, the only real question to ask yourself is would you be comfortable with a small class size, a smaller school, and with being challenged in your classes. Trinity is definitely not a party school, although it is not all work all the time. Most students find a good balance between their social lives and academics, and Trinity is a great place to broaden your mind and expose yourself to new things.


Student to faculty ratio. Distinguished professors. Decent financial aid. A good school overall


The size of the school. It is small enough that students really get the opportunity to interact with their professors and each other. Faculty at Trinity University truly care about the students, and the school strives to create a community where students can feel like a family.


The focus on Residential community, from friendships to academic development - it's a wholistic experience.


its cool and very accepting for all peopl


The connections and relationships I developed with the professors/my swim coach is phenomenal. The academic work was great, and I was able to take a variety of classes through a liberal arts education.


diversity, environment, people, professors


The classes are just the right size - the only large classes are some entry level science courses. The student to faculty ratio is amazing and through your first three semesters you can be really flexible with figuring out what you want to major in.


The poeple here are very tolerant of all kinds of people. Everything seems to go. I once witnessed a professor dressed in drag and strutting his stuff on the catwalk during a lesbian, gay, bi, and transvestite tolerance show.


This school is much more welcoming than the other schools I considered. It is also more focused on its undergraduate students versus graduate students and research. Further, the class sizes and professor student ratios allow for strong and accessible one on one time with professors. The environment surrounding Trinity is beautiful, the weather is a bit bipolar at times but the scenery here is beautiful, lots of trees. It being a smaller campus makes it easier and faster to get around, nothing is more than ten minutes away. I love it!


Mississippi Miracle! Other than that, we're small and we have a beautiful campus. I like the fact that I get to work very closely with my professors.


small class size


It's a pretty small school.