Trinity University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


School spirit is lacking. We have no cheers, chants, or even a universal logo.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the school spirit. It's not that there is a complete lack of spirit, but it's just hard to find often among the students. Everyone is so focused on academics that it's hard to try to get away and enjoy a football game or baseball game every once in a while. We do have spirit, it's just hard when we know we should be studying for a test.


The food starts to get old after a while.


It's a really expensive school, but I knew that when I applied. There isn't much variety when it comes to on-campus dining.


The lack of diversity and the three year required residency requirement. On the upside the dorms are very nice.


Difficulty of classes


Because we are a division 3 school (athletics), an intense school spirit and support for our athletic teams is somewhat lacking.


If you don't fall into either the christian or the partying crowd you might find it hard to find a strong social network. They are pretty good at helping first years get connected, but once you are beyond that first year you might find it a lot harder to get involved with new groups.


Lack of racial and socioeconomic diversity. Student body is largely white and upper class.


You know EVERYONE there


The swimming coach is a jerk.


It's pretty easy to get stuck in the "Trinity Bubble," which is fine for some people. However, you do have to put forth some effort to see what else is out there.


This school is full of conservative elitist rich kids, who don't like to socialize with people outside of their group. If you aren't Christian or in a frat/sorority, you won't have very many friends. There isn't much economic diversity on campus.


I really dislike the 3 year on campus living requirement--especially since living on campus can be expensive. I wish on campus living was optional for those who are sophomores or older.