Trinity University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype is that students are brainy and hard-working. While some are hard workers, there are also slackers.


Trinity is where the smart kids come and learn to have fun, if they hadn't already. Everyone has their own quirks, whether it's a habit for breaking out into interpretative dance at the sound of Disney songs or a just a history of baking biscuits at late hours of the night. Hard work and determination are what got people here, and no matter the grousing, people generally enjoy their classes and have a desire to learn and to do well. Trinity students can often be found Friday evenings, complaining about the library closing at 6 p.m. as they prepare to head out for a night of fun distractions. Trinity students know how to enjoy themselves, and frequently do in excursion into San Antonio, movies in the dorm, pickup basketball games, and, yes, parties. Overall, Trinity is a bunch of creative, smart, passionate young adults, seeking out a succesful balance between their work and their social life.


Trinity Students are stuck in the Trinity bubble. The students do not venture out in the San Antonio community but are highly active on campus. I do not believe this is true because majority of the students are highly involved on campus activities that volunteer and engage in several events hosted by the San Antonio community.


There isn't really a common stereotype at our school. A lot of us like to think we are the smart kids. However, a common truth at our school is that we tend to date the people we met the first day of school or stay in a relationship with our high school sweetheart, and so far I have found that to be quite true.


Trinity University honestly isn't well known, but people who do know about it think we always have our nose in our books. This is true... for half of the students. Although there is no doubt the majority of the students here care about their studies, a lot of them like to party. There really isn't a night where there isn't something going on... especially Thursday through Saturday! If someone isn't a party person though, they can find their own group of people who just like to chill. So the University is really divided into two categories - those who party and those who don't. I've only found a handful who are in-between!


Trinity is a small, private, liberal arts school. As such, many people think that Trinity students are pampered rich kids. I can say, however, that this is not the truth. Trinity is a very diverse community with student from all over the world. Additionally, 86% of Trinity students recieve financial aid.