Trinity University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Trinity University is a great small private liberal arts school located in Texas. It is personal enough that every student gets the specialized attention they may need but it is big enough to make friends.


If you want a very small school, Trinity is great! The class sizes are small and professors are very willing to help you. However, as a small campus, there is not very much to do on campus, and unless you have a car, it's difficult to do things even in San Antonio.


Trinity University is devoted to providing excellent education and one of the ways it does so is by small class sizes. Majority of the classes has about 20 - 25 students which allows for greater interaction with the professor. All professors have office hours which Trinity students utilize. Trinity hosts a chocolate festival every year and it is one of the most loved events. Chocolates are prepared in all shapes and forms and it is wonderful opportunity to interact with people.


At the beginning of the year I was dismayed at how small the school was (2500 students total) however, I began to really enjoy the small size and sense of community. It is required for students to live on campus the first three years and this really builds friendships. One of the disadvantages of the school and perhaps its smallness is that there is a definite lack of school spirit, and few people attend sporting events. Attention is more focused on acabella concerts and theatre performances rather than supporting university teams. Another downside of Trinity is that it is well-known within in Texas, but outside of Texas no one has heard of the school. However, there is a great advantage in living in San Antonio, one of the biggest cities in the nation. You get a real taste of two different cultures mixed together- hispanic and Texan. There are so many great opportunities, delicious breakfast tacos, and two-stepping dance halls. There is always something to do. A common complaint among students is the dining hall food, yet there are other options for eating on campus such as Coates and Einstein's.


Most of the classes at Trinity have less than 20 students. This allows for intimate class-discussions, a high level of student-teacher interaction, and--overall--a more customized learning experience. Most of the students live on-campus. The result is a tightly knit community and comradery. The dorms are very nice; however, this semester has been plagued by hot-water issues. One complaint about Trinity is the construction currently in progress. Although the end product will be a state-of-the-art life-science building, the process is long and loud, disrupting the otherwise peaceful environment


The best things about Trinity are the small class sizes and the access to the professors. Because of the small size, some students find "the Trinity Bubble" annoying because our community is fairly insular. But students are conscious of getting out into the community and being conscious of what all is going on. One of the great things about Trinity is that it provides the small school atmosphere in a big city, so there are always things to do off campus when you need a break. One thing that could definitely improve about Trinity is the school spirit. We aren't like bigger state schools when it comes to athletics and spirit, you won't find huge crowds of intensely devoted fans at sporting events. Although we love and appreciate our athletes, there could be a definite improvement of student participation in school spirit.