Trinity University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school would be the connections between current students and alums. The alums of Trinity Univeristy are heavily involved within the Trinity community. This allows us to form strong connections with established individuals and earn jobs quickly after graduatoin


Trinity has fantastic students, faculty, and staff. The students here are diverse and hard working; however unlike many other schools, students are laid back and not judgmental. Professors are very passionate about teaching and are always available to help students. The staff from the cafeteria workers to the janitors is all very kind and friendly. Trinity University is very welcoming and helpful to new students and accommodating to all students.


The best thing about Trinity is that it is a small, focused school. There is a lot of emphasis on doing well in your classes and applying the material to current events and situations outside of the focus of the class. There is a lot of freedom to double or triple major and mix and match minors with whatever area you want. The campus is small and secure, like a community.


The best thing about Trinity is the level of education they provide you and how the professors expect your best work out of you. They expect nothing but the best, so you are forced to produce quality work and actually LEARN while you are there.


As previously mentioned the best thing about my school is the size. Generally, prospective college students say they want to go to a huge state school or a really small school. I wanted to go to a school that was small, but not too small. At Trinity, the population is just right. After only being there for about a year, I recognize most faces on campus, which makes me feel more at home while walking around campus.


The most important thing Trinity gave me was confidence. By this, I mean confidence in who I am as a person, a scholar, a professional, a friend, and a servant to the community. As a recent graduate, I believe that there is value in my ideas and I feel comfortable expressing who I am in a variety of settings--something which I lacked prior to college. I've learned to be a strong person and stick to my beliefs. Trinity enabled me to see challenges as an opportunity to grow as a person rather than a hindrance.


The professors and administrative support. They are all committed to providing each student with what they need to get the best education.


The best thing about my school is its prestigious reputation and its wonderful professors.


I really enjoy the balance between academics and social activities because it allows me to have fun but take school seriously.


The quality of teaching and availability that students have to the faculty. I have learned almost as much, if not more, in after-class conversations than I ever did during class.


The study abroad program is amazing. It's really fun to go yourself and to share with your friends experiences abroad.


Students are required to take classes from each discipline; this allows for a well-rounded community.


Focus on academics


Quality/character of people there


The prfessors are accessible and friendly, the classes are interesting, and the rest of the students are welcoming. The surrounding area is varied in terms of what there is to do or if you want to stay on campus, there is plenty of activities you can get involved in.