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Trinity Washington University

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Trinity was a religious school. You had a large church right on the property. In times of stress, times when you were seeking peace and quiet, you had something on your mind, or, you just wanted to meditate you could escape into that church. Trinity had a beautiful campus and an air of quaintness about it. That was not a bad thing. I see that it has big plans for the future. I can only wish them luck in their endeavors. They were wonderful for me and sought to help, nurture, students. I believe that they are still that way.

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Trinity University compared to other schools is a a school where you can become an overacheiver. The classes aren't overpopulated, the teachers aren't hard teachers and they are geared for the working adults. The school is conviently located near dowtown Washignton DC. You don't have to be hassled for payments, they work with you for installments to get your money in to them. The administration is very easy to contact and they know there stuff.

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The teacher:class ratio which makes it easier to learn. The small campus which makes it easier to get around.

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