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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

The most fustrating thing about Trinity Washington University is that they only provide a limited number of scholarship oppurinities. When your're a freshmen you are considered for certain scholarships based on academic achivememt or community work (Girl Scouts). Once you've completed your freshmen year it is hard to find more aid because it is beging given to incoming freshmen. Along with the FAFSA and the renewable scholarships you automatically get for the new year it seems like there is no more financial aid assisstance. My institiution of higher education is great, but I wish for more scholarships.

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The most frustrating thing here at Trinity Washington University is the turn-over of advisor. I have had five advisors since at started at Trinity, which is distruptive. I feel that I have had to start over each time change

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The most frustrating things about Trinity is the long lab hours for science classes.

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