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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Sharon T.

If I had that opportunity I would have stayed in school then and finished. Life throws so many road blocks but, it is how you deal with the adversities in your life and not give up on your dreams that matter. I knew when I was high school senior, I wanted to be lawyer but the circumstances in my family cause me to put my dreams and goals on the back burner. So now I am juggling to get my degree and dealing with the responsibility of raising a family. I tell my son, that in every stage of your life, there are things that you are required to do, its best to do them in that stage of life, so they don't spill out into the next stage. It's not being selfish to put yourself first, especially when It comes to your education. I missed an opportunity of Merit Scholarship when I was a teenager entering high school that I could have used after high school but my family didn't understand the importance of it. It was opportunity that didn't come around again. So be encourage and have faith in yourself, to follow your dreams.


Going back as a high school senior I would give myself three advices confidence, money, and vision. I've learned all three being a college student now but many times I wish that I could go back and learned them in high school so that I could advance in college. As a senior being confident would have been key to the idea of college. I would know that I am smart and know that I could go to college and do well. If I were confident as a senior then I would not be afraid of apply to different colleges around the United States. Also I would work more hours as a senior because now I know how expensive college is. I would probably sign up for more scholarships and try to help babysit, clean, or tutor to earn extra cash. Lastly I would sit down and think to myself what am I going to do in college? What is it that I like? I would have a clear vision of what I am going to do in college in order to not waste time or money.


Relax and enjoy the journey. The journey may be long or short. That decision is yours. Never stop learning, doing, and caring for others. With all journeys there will be a few bumps in the road. You have to roll with them and not fight them. Jouneys should be joyful. Sad things can happen during them. Keep your eyes on prize. Because the prize is you. As you grow, develop, and change into all you can become. Keep in mind that you are a work in progress. Life is about change and so should you. Enjoy the constant change, never be afraid to grow, take chances, interact with others, and remain engaged with your life.


Angie, you're a senior now, start early with you college choices. It is best to make a list of schools that you may be interested and most of all speak with your Guidance Counselor to help you make the best choice that fit your needs and interest. Once you have selected the schools of your choice, start looking at the college essays and make sure you have selected two people to write letters of recommendation. Don't forget the SAT prep, you will need it. Most of all go visit the campus, look at the campus as a place where you will be for 4 - 5 years of your life and not because your friends attend or your parents say it is a good choice. This will be your home away from home. It is also best to make a connection with someone in admissions, financial aid and resident life; they are important places on the college campus besides the student union and cafateria. Oh by the way, peanut butter and jelly, popcorn and cup-o-noodles will be a common food so prepare yourself.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself numerous of advices about the reality of life. Knowing what I know now about college life, I would have significantly advised myself to take my classes seriously to have a higher and better GPA. In high school, I would frequently arrive to class late, skip class to socialize with my friends and I would not take my education seriously because I had a different mindset. However, my mindset completely changed when I graduated from high school with the help of numerous of outstanding faculties and realized what I was going to do with my life to help my parents. My father motivated me the most because he ended up acquiring Diabetes and he is the only one in my family that works. Therefore, I knew that I had to change the cycle in my family and succeed in life by pursuing a college degree. Many people think the worst about me and believe that I cannot make it, but I know for a fact that I will accomplish my nursing degree not only for myself, but for my family.


I would tell myself to take advantage of the career development center as soon as I get into college. In junior year, students usually go and see them for questions and advice, but it is better to start as early as the second semester. I would also advise myself to start doing internships early. More than one internship is better, because I can develop skills and put it on my resume. I would tell myself to take advantage of more clubs and organizations. This is helpful for resumes. I also think it is best to get to know the alumni. They can give advice on what to expect in college and how they can connect with each other through their own Alumni department located in the school building. Lastly, I would tell myself to enjoy the excerise room, because I haven't regualry used it. Excersie not only is effective for the body, but also for the mind. Classes are hectic and it cost thousands of dollars for the four years that I'm there. I would say to myself that excerising in the school athletic facility can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul.


Reflecting on my past decisions regarding my education, if i could go back to my senior year in high school I would tell meself to take my foreign language seriously. By compeleting assignments and projects on time and to the best of my ability was great,if I would've placed more time into studying, I believe that I would've been able to better perform in my language courses. Another aspect that I would've enjoyed would be getting involved in more community service based organizations. While in college I really learned the meaning of giving to others and fully understood the importance of giving.


If I could go back to my high school senior and give myself advices. I would tell myself to not give up every time things start to get difficult and to focus more on what you want for your future and stop following or listening to what your classmates are doing. I would pay more attention on homework, review for my quizzes and exams. I would listened and do what my parents and teachers ask me to do in order for me to improve my grades. I would come to school on time, joined clubs at school for extra curriculums. I would do anything I could to do well on my SAT by practicing every hard. Once I graduated, I would do anything I could to stay on top of my study in college and not get lazy.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the feeling of accomplishment. I feel that I have accomplished what it means to be a "Trinity Woman", which is to up hold the highest of standards for education. I have the feeling that women can do anything in this world that they set their mind and make major contributions to society. I believe that getting an education at an all women's college has been the best thing that has ever happened to me because it teaches me prinicples and morals. It has been valuable for me to attend this instituion of higher education because it keeps me focused and determined on what my goals for the future are. It is also valuable that I have attended because it teaches me women diserve an education as well (no matter what circumstances may come). Lastly, the most important reason as to why it has been valuable to attend my school is that it teaches me the meaning of sisterhood. I feel as though I have a second family and that I am loved no matter what I say or do. Trinity Wahsinton University is what womens education means.


There is a song out on the radio about college consisting of sleeping in, partying, and eating a lot of food. Perhaps this is what a college experience is like for some students, but for me it’s quite different. That is not to say it does not have it’s perks. Being a college student has taught me how to put myself out there infront of my classmates, making speeches and interacting in club events. My professors and newly found knowledge has exposed me to a scary, yet exciting world. A world I was once sheltered from. I have learned how to mature through the dealings of stress that life delivers. I have opened a door to my future that otherwise would have remained sealed. It is because of college that I have realized my desire to teach, learn and to travel. Lastly, I have gained a perception of who I want to be in the future, starting with who I am today.


So far, my college experience at Trinity has been one of the best experiences yet. I've gained alot of promising relationships with my professors and I can tell that they genuinely care about my education and my future. I find comfort in knowing that I can get help from any of the faculty at Trinity. Everyone is always lending a helping hand and willing to give out helpful resources.


The College experience in my opinion is somewhat overwhelming. I am without my parents now and have the opportunity to make decisions for myself. I love the experience as it enables me to be more responsible and mature. I value this time in college and I know that if I show the skills of persistency and diligence towards my education that I will be able to have great success. Along with maturity and responsibility, I have been able to become more social and outgoing. I have made many new friends and it gives me great joy to be around them. The Motto of the College that I attend is "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve". I love this Motto because of its significance. When we think of the College experience we come to realize that we are not here for ourselves. We are attending our respective colleges to learn so that we may acquire a great career. That career enables us to serve others. As we serve others, they will be happy and we will be happy too. I am grateful for this marvellous opportunity to attend College and I look forward to learning many more valuable lessons here.


Although I go to a community college and have only been in college for a short time, the time has been very valuable for me. I have been able to discover what type of people I want to surround myself with and have opened my eyes to the fact that I am the master of my fate. I can do whatever I put my mind to, and I realized this within the first few weeks of my freshman year of college. Throughout high school, I did not believe in myself. But after putting my mind to it, I now know that I I can do whatever I dream of. I value my time at Cuyahoga Community College because it is not helping me find out who I am, it is helping me shape who I am going to be.


Well, for one I have learned lots of things, for my major and things about life. I have learned alot in my field of study and I have also learned what it means to have an education. I work at a dealership and all of the techs tell me to stay in school or they'll hunt me down. I see why, they bust their knuckles everyday and strain their backs. Only to come home and barely have enough money to keep food on the table. I pay for my school out of MY pocket and it has given my a whole new look on education. I love learning now, even if its about something not related to school. Even when I get my bachelors degree I will keep learning. School is very valuable to me. I'm going to get my degree no matter what, weather I get this scholarship or not. I've been doing it on my own so far, but I could use some help to lift this monkey on my back. If you have read this far into my paragraph then you have looked at the rest of my info, so thank you. Keith Merritt


So far, with my college experience I feel that I have gained so much. I have gotten the opportunity to experience living on my own for the first time. In addition, I have learned how to be more responsible as far as making sure I go to class everyday and study so that I earn the best grades that I can. It has been valuable to attend school because it is preparing me for my career in the future. Also, college gave me the opportunity to achieve one of my goals, which was to play college basketball. College basketball has made me more confident in the classroom and has helped me to succeed academically. College has been a great experience for me and I know it will still be after I graduate.


The most important thing I have recieved about my college experince so far is dont procrasinate. when you procrasinate you don't allow yourself to perform at your highest ability. I think to start a paper early is better than starting it late because you allow yourself to have more time to plan your information. When you don't procrasinate you don't find yourself cramming information in your head. Instead you take your time to master the information.


In have learned many valuable things from my recent time spent at kaplan. From my first class so far I have learned a lot about myself, such as; I am a procrastinator. Sometimes my messy desk can be one reason I don't focus as much as I should. I have learned putting off tasks you enjoy or that are easy for you until after the hard work is done, lets you get all your work done instead of bored and drawn out. I recently started putting together a website for a project in one of my classes. I am learning a lot about hand coding pages and what mistakes to watch out for when doing this. I have only been enrolled for about 5 weeks now and I can already see the benifits of attending these classes. It is nice to think that after my two years of school are up, I can find a good job and be able to get right back into school.


My college experience so far has been wonderful. I have gotten a great deal of knowledge from my classes. The thing I value most about my experience are my proffesors. The professors work very hard to make sure that every one is learning the required material. They teach us that in addition to making good grades we must actually learn something! I experienced this first hand in my mathematics class. Before i came to Trinity i hated math it disgusted me and also frustrated me. Once i started working close with my teacher i made it my mission to conquer math in which I am still doing today! I appreciate my education because it will help me to better not only my mind, but i can apply the concepts that i learn in college to my everyday life!


Hey girl, your time is up. What are you plans for September? I think you should strive to attend Florida International University. I know that's your top pick so what the hold up. You need to stop worrying about whether or not your parents can afford you tuition and do whatever you need to do because this is important. Let me tell you from experience the more you put it off the harder it is to get back into th groove of things. It's time for you to start thinking of yourself as an adult. College life is one experience that will help you get there believe me. It's totally different from high school. No one will phone home because you didn't show up from class or turn in required assignments. Don't let me scare you cause it's well worth it. So apply to the school of your choice and some back ups just in case. If you need a loan apply for one cause soon you'll want a house, car, and family and you can't depend on you parents forever. Plus Burger King can't buy what you want. Later.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to start off going to community college first if you don't have alot of money saved up. I wanted to go to a university so bad, and I got my wish but now I'm struggling with the money to pay for it. So to anyone that doesn't have much money, GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE! I wish I would've listened. The next thing I would tell myself is to take the SAT more than once so that if you do bad the first time, you can always do better the second time or third or fourth time. The last piece of advice I would give myself is to save up money and don't blow it on useless things such as clothes, shoes, etc. Every penny counts and can help you go to the college of your dreams.


I would tell myself to focus more on applying myself towards my courses and studies. I would have a more older outlook on life as a teenage entering into a adult world of study. I would tell myself to take as many courses as I could because college course are very expensive. I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships early while still attending high school. I would tell myself to make better decisions while in high school because those decisions you will remember for a life time. As a teenage living home , do not forget to thank your parents for the easy life they provided for you as a teenage beacuse entering college is not so easy being away from home and being the decision maker in my life.


I would tell myself that it is very important for me to do well academically. I would have told myself that I should have kept my GPA above a 3.5 to be competitive. College life is about learning and having fun. I would inform myself that being flashy and not studying is not going to help me in college. Studying is very important and I wish I would have done more of it in high school to prepare me for college.


I would say stay focus in always start my work before the deadline time .


I would tell myself to save. Save save save big time for college and all of it's expenses because you could never have enough money for the school you want to go to. Take the SAT and ACT more than once to make sure you can get the best possible score. Study hard for the SAT / ACT also so you won't do bad the first time. Also don't cram for those types of tests, get plenty of sleep, and during the day of the test, relax your mind and take your time, and also eat a good breakfast so your stomach won't growl loud! APPLY FOR SCHOOLS EARLY. that's the biggest advice i would give myself. Apply for schools early and don't wait until the last minute to fill out the FAFSA either so you won't be so behind on everything. And most importantly, apply for as many scholarships as you can, because when times get tough, those are the things that will help you get by, so you won't struggle in the future.


My advice to parents and college students would be to first find the colleges that you can afford. Secondly, research as many colleges as possible to find which school best fit your criteria. By following the above steps, you will have easily adapted to the differences in the school because you've chosen what you wanted and wouldn't be anxious about the cost of tuition and living expenses. One of the most important aspects of life is your social status. Learning to communicate and interact with different groups, cultures, and religious can be difficult. Mastering that skill will allow you grow as a person and be able to work well with groups of diversity in the workforce. Joining extra-curricular activities is not only fun bur rewarding because that too will improve your interaction thus making the college experience less stressful and more enjoyable.


I would tell them to chooses the collee that's best for them financially, academically, and socially. I would also suggest they visit the college campus (especially if they plan to stay on campus) to get a feel of the campus itself and the surrounding area.


There are so many great institutions that thrive in excellent education. It is in those institutions where one grows to be independent, respected, hard working and prepared for the real world. Finding the right college takes effort but overall the desire to be further educated. A college experience is being on your own, making right decisions, and at the same time discovering who you are, so that you may have a bright future. Involve yourself and invest in that college because someday you may make a difference in your community, your country and even the world and perhaps win the prize that rewards and recognizes the excellence of your work.


When looking for colleges first look for colleges/ universities that offer your major. Nowadays schools are VERY EXPENSIVE so look into scholarships/grants while in high school, the least thing a student needs to worry about is money. Once you have chosen the schools of choice make a list of tution and expenses for each school. Also make a sheet with your pros and cons( meaning what is good and what is bad about each school). The most important thing is to have all your paperwork in order before you go to mom and dad and talk about schools and money. All parents want to hear is the distance you are from them and how much money they have to come up with for you to become all you can be. Me being a student, I know it's hard to find a school with your desired major that will not cost your family 12 mortgage payments for one school year. It will help also if you attend a community college that your desired school will accept transferred classes from and get your prerequisites out of the way. It helps save money. GOOD LUCK


To all parents make sure that you give all and as much support and help that your child ask for and may need, nothing is better than being apart of your child education and helping them believe in every decision that the made in becoming independent. Make sure this experience is never regretted, the best education comes from a life on a college campus, and what parent in their right mind will not want to be thank by their child for making a worth wild completion and large step to a life of their own or new beginning. To all students this is a long and stressful process but the people around you are only there to help, so allow them to become stressed with you. The results that always come from a team struggles and hardships will lead a heart filled successes. So, students take your time because their a lot of opportunities? out there filled with thing that fit your needs, look deep, work hard, and stay focus in choosing everything that you will look forward to in four year. Have Fun!


To find the right college, I believe the best thing to do is take the time out to research the school. Knowing what the school does and doesnt have to offer is important. Secondly, visting the school makes all the difference. A school make look one way online and can be totally different once you visit it. You can also get a feel if the school is right for you by talking to students and learning about their experience. Also it is imporant to choose a college where you and your family can afford is important. Making the most out of the college experience means not only studying hard but participating in activities. College has so much to offer and not everyone take advantage of it. Being able to manage work and play is important to learn as being a college student.


The advice I would give is to be yourself and dont change. Remember who you are and the values that your parents have taught you. You will do perfect!


I would most likley tell parents and students looking for a college that they need to visit each one of the schools more than once so that you get a better feel of campus life and each time you go you can find more or less you like about the campus.


In order to find the right college, firstly the student must work hard and make the grade throughout high school. Care for the future must be instilled at the beginning of the high school experience. Parents should make their child's academic success their priority as well as their child's responsibilty. Furthermore, families should speak to as many faculty, and students at their prospective colleges before they enroll. If possible, they should spend time on campus and look into shadowing a student on their regular day. Also, a student should look into financing their education as early a junior high school whether it be through applying for scholarships or working a job. Lastly, parents and students should know that most colleges today are businesses, therefore just like in the quest for a job, the maketable you mae yourself, the better candidat you will be. If you put in the work beforehand, you should be successful in your college search and have a happy and healthy undergraduate experience.


Make sure you start the process early and visit every school you are interested in if you have the time. Make sure that when you make your decision do it based on the class size , the social environment and the financial/location of school.


The most important element in finding a college that best suits an individual is to think carefully about what they wish to study. As parents, do not force your children into a career that they may not be interested, just because you believe that its best for them. Students, think about a career in which you can be successful while enojying what you are doing.




I would advice you to go to that college unexpected so you can see what they really live like on campus. Because if you go when they expect you they will make the campus seem to be something that its not. But look at as many college as possible before you make you decision see what there acadimics are like because thats what your there for then let the rest settle in after. Because theres nothing like having everything you want in a campus without traveling to another to fufill your college and on campus experience. I know at my school you have to travel to other campuses to pladge at another college. You want a place where you can be free. So you have to look at what you want in a college. Where you would like to spend four years of you life because it's your money so enjoy is as you speed it every year. Also make sure it a place that has a place in your heart. As well as a place where it puts the meaning in pursuing because that what you are there for to make your life go further.

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