Troy University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are diverse but predominately white. I've never been in a class that had more than 30 students. I have loved something about all of my professors. We all have room for improvement but this campus makes up for its flaws by providing great classroom settings.


no discipline.jungletown


My classmates are ready and willing to help me learn.


helpful, trustworthy, different, smart, admirable


My classmates at Troy University are all around great people. In my two years here, I've met and befriended many people who share many of my opinions and beliefs and many people who don't. The population here is diverse and the fair amount of internatinal students on campus ensure that you will be able to meet people from many different countries.






Most are in college to better themselves are advance in careers that they already have.


My classmates are just like the ones in my high school because we all interact with each other, like we have known each other our whole lives.


They are all nice so far.


My classmates are ethnically divers and deliver varieties of views, opinions, and experiences to the learning environment.


My classmates are very unique, diverse and many are even international.


Multi-cultural young adults with vigar, and vitality, and quite a bit to learn about life and responsibility.


Classmates are accepting of each other and work well together. You can always find a friendly face, even if you don't know anyone.


There are a variety of races on my campus. However, they same to be all attracted to who they grew up around only and have conservative opinions or ideas that were passed to them from their parents. Many people wear a smile on their face but I'm not sure if they are really open to really getting involved with new people.


Most of my classmates within my major are hard-working and goal orriented, and they take great pride in the work they do outside of the class room.


From the classes I have taken classmates that I have had are very helpful, friendly, and all eager to get the work done in class. They are willing to give information to better help with your education.


Some of the classmates that we interact with online are very helpful and willing to learn. There are a few that do not participate in group discussions or assignments. For the most part, I have enjoyed the relationship that I have had with the students in my classes.


My classmates are friendly and very down-to-earth people.


Most of my classmates were working adults


My classmates are very diverse and it is hard to describe them in one sentence but I I had to, I would say that they are friendly: we are always helping each other out.


They are diverse.


no relation with racism. a student who was non greek and not an athlete. casual clothes. casual clothes. yes they do interact but only when they are not around their other friends. four: greeks, athletes, regular people, scholastic people. center. everyone will talk to each other if it is necessary. students talk about earnings. in geomatics department our professor often post job opportunities with pay earnings displayed. this is a big deal to geomatics students.