Troy University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


For being a cheap but effective college. It provides a strong and recognised education for a more affordable tution size.




Troy University is best known for the small class size. The small class size gives students a more one on one relationship with their teachers and peers. this is a feeling one can only receive from a smaller university.


Military Friendly


Troy University is best known for high academics scholars which includes poets and writers, and most importantaly having an array of campass sites throughtout the United States. Which encourage individuals as well as those in a group to stay focus on higher learner and getting to know the college they plan on attending along with that college mission statement.


Our school is best known for it's wide array of campuses around the world. The teachers that teach here are world-class and often have many awards and degrees in the class they teach.


My school is best known for its college's. There is the College of Education, College of Math and Science, and College of Business. All of these special colleges are just one of the great things about Troy University. They help you with everything you need to know.


At first glance, Troy would seem to focus a lot on its sports program. However, underneath this exterior one can find a number of alternative interest to dive into. For example, Troy has an outstanding theater and dance program, a dynamic graphic design program, and an outstanding band. Regardless of the field of study, I've always been impressed by Troy's academic depth, skillfully masked by its affinity for athletics (we've got to make money, right?).


Troy Trojan football is very well known. When football season comes around everyone becomes really excited. The town shows so much support for the university's football team. Football season brings out the comradery here at Troy. the team plays alot of big names every year, and each year we give them a run for their money.


My school, CU Boulder, is best known for their physics and science program. It has been nationally recognized for sending more then 10 of its students into space. CU is also well known for being a very green campus and have won multiple awards including: Colorado Environmental Leadership award in 2004. The last thing that I am most proud of CU being best known for is there Business School. The majority of the business students here at CU graduate at the top of their class and recieve well-paying business jobs right out of college.


small community with a small college setting thats responsible for more one on one teaching and communication, to complete studies.


I think Troy is known for as a school that traditional and nontraditional students can do well at.


I believe having the most campuses around the world.


Journalism and decent football team


Education. It even used to be named the Teacher's college.




Maybe football.