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Troy University is not known as a party much like Alabama State University. It is not as well-known as the University of Alabama. It is extremely diverse, which makes the school unique from the other schools I once considered. There are people from all walks of life here.


Troy has a very knit community. soo you only 30 degrees of seperation. Which means that just abbout everyone will know or atleast heard of you.


The teachers really do care about the students and want them to get the most out of the classes.


Troy is very diverse and encourages international connections with thier counterparts. The school offers a friendly place to learn and participate in multiple activities that helps the surrounding area.


What's unique about this one is the fact that most of the people around here already know each other. The older faculty can become your parents away from home. Even though it is a secular school, there is a strong spiritual influence on campus.


Troy University is unique in its ties to a large variety countries. Troy holds very close relations with China and has dedicated part of a newly renovated building to its friendship with China. The Confucious Institute in Troy, the facility dedicated to China, offers a museum of history and cultural exhibits and is the location of the Mandarin Chinese courses at Troy. The ratio of international students to non-international students is significantly higher at Troy University as opposed to most other schools, especially in the Southeast. Culturally, this difference is very educational.


Troy University is a smaller, but growing university. It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that separates itself from other universitites. Troy University not only provides an excellent education, but provides the opportunity to meet students from all over the world. Troy University welcomes more international students than most universities. This provides students the chance to experience cultures from the whole world. Troy also excells in providing an excellent arts program. The John M. Long School of Music attracts hundreds of students each year. Troy University is able to give its students a well-rounded education throughout their college years.


Troy University is unique for their online degree programs. Being a military spouse, it is ideal to be able to complete my college education online. The reasons being because I never know when my husband will be away from home and, other than myself, we do not have child care for our daughter. Being able to stay at home for school saves us from having to pay for child care. Troy University also has many campuses through out the U.S, including military installations, and that makes it very easy to communicate.


Troy University is very diverse. They except students from all over the world who speak many different languages. Many of them are not very fluent in English, but Troy University works with them to provide them with the same learning opportunity as they do Americans. This university is also adaptive to the needs of those with disabilities. Here everyone is treated equal and they always find a way to provide activites to give the students something to do. They also provide various clubs and organizations so that everyone can be apart of something.


It has the number 1 distance learning program in the Nation. It works closely with our Armed Forces to help provide education to soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines stationed all around the world.


The most unique thing about Troy is that troy has over 27 different campus in which you are able to to attend to get your classes done at anygiven time!


Troy University is very diverse from most colleges in the Alabama area. There are many different clubs, and organizations to choose from. The student to teacher ratio is wonderful. It is very simple to get one on one help and tutoring if needed! It is a great school!


Troy has a "big college" atmosphere in a small campus setting. Classes are mostly small which helps with individualized attention. Fraternities and Sororities along with football and baseball run the social circuit. You don't have to be a member but knowing someone involved will amp your social life. There is ALWAYS a party's that crazy. ABC Board has deemed Troy one of their "biggest challenges": "They're day drinkers there..dont know how thet handle it." Between the lake and beach, parties or The Front will never have a dull night!


We're VERY diverse, with an great international program, great football team, friendly people, and located in a great small town.


Troy University offers a vast amount of classes with a great student to teacher ratio.


Troy University is located in a small town that supports the students finacially, mentally and physically. The citizens here are involved in the sports and activities of the university.