Troy University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to inform other student on the new programs Troy has to offer. In addition to a variety of program development at Troy; Troy does a great job at inviting influential speakers to inteact with the student body.


I love that Troy University has many campuses that offer a wide variety of bachelor programs. Troy also offeres online courses that allow the opportunity to complete an entire program online. I am studying to become an interpreter for the deaf, finding bachelor programs in this field is very difficult. Since my husband is military and we move quite often this gives me the opportunity to attend one school from strart to finish without having to search, find and transfer each time we move. This will eliminate the expense of repeating courses not accepted by other universities.


I most brag about the student to professor ratio and the fact that the school caters to the working adult.


The band program is great. I have enjoyed marching band and symphony band,


Troy University is well-known for their music program. It is the largest organization on campus and attracts more students to Troy than any other organization. Troy also has a record for getting almost ninety percent of their pre-med students accepted into medical school. Troy's advisors and professors go out of their way to encourage and guide their students in their educational path. With their advice students, particularly pre-medical students, are able to advance their education after graduation.


I was enrolled online and worked fulltime as a deputy sheriif. Troy University offered me a challenging degree program that fit well with my busy lifestyle of work and family.


The one thing I brag about the most is Troy's online degree programs. I think it is the best thing yet. They are also extremely helpful in getting you started. I also like to brag that Troy is military friendly in a way that they have offices on many Air Force bases, making is very easy to map out your time with the school.


I brag about the great education I received from Troy. I was one of the sceptics of Troy when I first went there, but Troy is growing by leaps and bounds. Its a great school and town to be a part of. I am a proud Troy alumni, because Troy cares about my future. Everything I was exposed to and acheived at Troy gave me ample skills for my future. Troy helped set me up for success in my future. Anyone who attended Troy is proud of their degree, because Troy is devoted to its students.


The Band. Being able to be in my home town for my first year of college.


I brag about how the university allows us to go to the local theatre and watch new movies for just $1. I look forward to every other wednesday night when I am able to see the movies in theatres for seven dollars cheaper.


What I brag about most when telling my friends about my school is that it is all-around amazing. Leaving the state I had always lived in was the scariest decision for me, but living and learning at CU Boulder has never felt more like home. The campus is beautiful, and there are so many academic resources when it comes to help labs, study groups and tutors that I don?t think I could ever fall behind.


At Troy University, I can brag about the beauty of our campus as well as the friendliness of the students. I also can brag about our international relations and our great study-abroad programs. Troy has a very diverse campus, representing a very large number of countries around the world. This is a great learning experience for those who wish to learn about different cultures but do not have the money to travel.


It's big enough to get a wonderful college experience, but it's small enough to have smaller classes an more one on one attention from teachers and a small student teacher ratio. It's full of fun things to do, and it's close enough to my hometown that I can visit when I want. It is also only a couple hours from the beach.


I brag about the advising that we get at our school related to larger universities where students are not even able to speak to their advisors, and at Troy University in my own experience I recieve one on one contact with my advisor almost whenever I need to speak to them.


I would have to say the smaller classes, the hands on help and the student spport services


The football team


Troy is only 2 hours from the beach!! Plus it is in between Auburn and Bama so if for some random chance Troy isnt having a party somewhere you can take the relatively short drives to see other friends who chose the big colleges!


I tell my friends that Troy is an amazing value and one of the best keep secrets in the state. Tuition is fair, and the curriculum is rigorous.


The quality of the staff here; I was going to go to Auburn University, but I did a semester at Troy in order to prove to them I could handle the workload in the Computer Science field. The faculty and staff impressed me here so much that I turned down Auburn's offer of enrollment.