Troy University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone attending Troy university should be outgoing because we are a very outgoing university! We are known for our tradition, our Saturday football, our Sprit, and most importantly academic excellence. If you want to go to a school full of tradition, love, and excitement- Troy is definitely for you! Being your game face! Go Trojans!


Troy is known for having the most diverse college community. Any type of personality, character, morals, and values will find their crowd at Troy. There are over 200 Clubs each one with a different idea/belief. There is not one single type of person that would do well at Troy University. Troy is a place for all types of people. Shy, outgoing, loud, quiet, social, not so social, happy and the not so happy, its a place for all. In any university you will find any of that. But at Troy you will see them all working together in harmony.


I think people who want to attend a small school should attend Troy University. I say this becuase even though Troy is not as large as The University of Alabama, it still has a lot of positive things to offer. I also think if you enjoy small class sizes where you can personally know your teacher then you should attend here as well. Troy's class size is no larger than 100 students and many of the student know and actually interact with their teachers.


The kind of person that should attend Troy University on the Montgomery campus are working adults or students that live locally and want to stay at home.


Anyone with a desire to learn and further their edudation would be a great fit for Troy. There's also a diverse range of activities and events that make the campus interesting. There's always something to do!


The type of person that should attend this school is one who likes to the "small town" feel. Troy is a relatively small University and the town is very small as well. If you like small classes that only take you ten minutes to walk to then you will like Troy University. At Troy you can walk to class and always run into someone you know, so if you like the feeling of a small, connected University, then Troy is the right school for you.


Anyone who is willing to get their degree and further there education. This school works with students of all backgrounds. Whether you are a single parent, married, freshmen just starting, or a person who just decided to go to college at a late age. This will be the school for you.


I believe that anyone who wants to pursue a career and finish their degree in about two years should definitely attend this school. Since there are five nine week terms, a student who takes a full time load each term will have the opportunity to graduate sooner than attending a normal and traditional 16 week college.


laid back but serious about school


Any particular person can attend Troy University. They do not discriminate against anyone. It is a VERY friendle and fun college, and I would recommend it to anyone.


Troy University likes to have a well rounded student whom focuses on acedimic excellence, social experiences, and community invovlement.


All types of people should attend this school Troy University is a culturual hub bringing together exchange students from the various other campuses around the world combing that with the state's diverse residents who choose to attend Troy it makes for a very diverse student population.




If you are willing to work hard toward a long-term goal then this is a school for you. This does not mean that you need to know exactly what you want to do with your life. The great part about college is is the element of discovery.


Anyone can attend this school. There are all kind of things and organizations on campus that make it enjoyable for all types of people.