Troy University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Troy University know before they start?


Be more grateful. Say thank you more, be kinder to people and appreciate them more. Time flies and while an education is important how you go about getting it is just as important. It’s the old saying that it doesn’t matter if you when the game if you cheated or won be other means. Fairness, kindness, and most importantly love is the answer to any questions that might arise. Love for you fellow man, love with patience in the times of anger and in rushing. Love is patience and love is blind, it is the best way to be. It is with love that the greats succeed and it is with the lack over that they fall. For what one victory was won alone? None. There is always someone cheering you on, telling you to get up when you think you can't go any further. It is with love that the greatest of battles the battles on the inside are won. So younger me, say thank you more, breathe in times of anger and let it go. You only get one family and they leave all too soon.


Dear Miss. Know-It-All, Listen to your mother. As a matter of fact, listen to your whole family. I love you with my entire being but, you do not have all of the answers. You are not Kanye West. There is absolutely nothing wrong with attending a community college. It was created for individuals just like yourself. No, it is not because you are black. It is because you are capable but not yet prepared for a four-year university. Do what is right for you. You cannot please the world and yourself at the same time. It's a good idea in theory but life just doesn't work like that. Kick butt for two years in community college then transfer to Troy. (Trust me.) You will need to be close to your ailing grandmother who raised you. Lastly, always remember this. You will have your entire 20s to party. Do not waste the most important year of your college career on boys, clubs, and nonsense. You only have one life, one future, one youth. Visualize the best versions of these blessings and turn them into realities. You can do it. Yourself, Sarina Henderson


Dear High School Senior Caitlin, Please do not ever stop applying for scholarships. The money is not always there. You want to get out of college debt free. There is money out there, so please keep looking for it. Also, don't give up on your job search, but you will eventually find jobs I promise you. Don't stress too much. Also, the friends you have as a freshman are not the friends you will have when you graduate, but that's okay. People are meant to be in your life for a set period of time and then they move on. What you actually need to do is let go of the friends you had in high school. Do not completely discount them, but do not hang onto them past the point of them wanting to be around you. It will only cause you heartache. Embrace new friendships. Embrace being a nerd, because it is a niche you have found yourself and while it won't get you any money (in fact, it'll help you spend some), it will make you some great friends and experiences. Sincerely, 22-year-old Caitlin


I would tell myself to plan my entire college course load right away. I would tell myself to plan ahead and stay focused. I would tell myself to get help and seek advice even when I do not need it. Tell myself college is not about making friends and hanging out. I would tell myself to stay focused about what I am doing, and remind myself why I'm attending college. Tell myself that my future is depended on me getting good grades and having a great GPA.


I would tell myself to relax; college is incredible. I would tell myself to, under no circumstances, take 8 o'clock morning classes. I would warn myself of on-campus one-ply toilet paper. I would tell myself to stay away from the cafeteria's pizza at least twice a week, and to instead grab an apple or a yogurt parfait (and I would tell myself that I will grow to love yogurt parfaits). I would tell myself to take obnoxiously detailed notes, even if I thought the information given was irrelevant in regards to the tests or exams. I would tell myself to enjoy the challenge of balancing working for money and working toward my degree. Most importantly, I would tell myself to learn with every opportunity I was given, and not to simply hold information until exam-day; instead, to take the information in and use it to better myself outside of the classroom as well.


I would advise my self not to be preasured by others and trying to live to their expectations. Take a little breather, do one school at a time not two while working. I would also advise to not let others decide your fate; be strong and find your own path. Finally assign yourself a goal every year to reach to that has nothing to do with school, work, or money. If you want to write a book then assign yourself that goal and do it, want to make a musical then do it, want to start a candle Ccompany THEN DO IT! Don't hesitate or try and watch life through a window. Go out there and just Live. Make mistakes, try something new, fall in love, but no matter what STOP LETTING OTHERS RUN YOUR LIFE, YOUR GOALS, AND YOUR FUTURE AND GO OUT A ENJOY YOUR LIFE YOURSELF; its the only one your going to get.


Assuming that I could have that much needed "sit down" with my nineteen year old self, I would most likely emphasize the following: There is an exponential curve when it comes to success, and nobody is going to clue you in. In a world fraught with the idea that everyone should win just for showing up, the reality is starkly different. Heading into college, you are already behind the curve and you are losing ground rapidly. I would look myself in the eyes, shake the fog and boredom out, and drive home this singular truth. No one cares about your success except you. And once you get into the real world, you're swimming with sharks. So take the time now to make mistakes, challenge yourself, and establish great (not good) habits in your academic, physical fitness, and social behaviors. At the end of the day, you don't need to go to that Tuesday night beer pong competition. You need to be looking five years ahead, and strategizing on how you can balance a good foundation while in college with the social pleasures of this amazing time.


As you finish your school year up. Forgive and forget and your enemies. They are just memories now. Remember your friends, but do not let them make decisions. Do not go to a university because they did. You are building your life now. Make sure you build your blocks square. You don't want an angle. They could slip off and break; living all your hard work in shambles. Begin to love coffee. Start to appreciate the meaning behind the ramen noodles you will prepare. A few years, ramen turn into linguini. Bills into profit. Get ready to discover yourself. The person you are now is only version 1.0. Upgrades will become available. Make sure download and fix the bugs. You are going to recieve lots of money. Make sure you keep it. The nicest car does not pay your rent. You can not eat it. Your student loans will still be there as you drive it, Basically, remember the good times, the laughs, and the education of high school. All the while prepare yourself for the changes, friends, and education will grow to love and miss once college comes to and end.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry so much about college choices. In high school, I was worried about which college I should attend and hadn't even figured out my major yet. Knowing what I know now, I would tell my high school self to go with my parents' suggestions, because they actually knew what they were talking about. College is a learning experience. You are supposed to use the experience to grow as an individual and find out what exactly you want to spend the rest of your life doing. If I hadn't come to Troy University, I don't know if I would have been as content with my career choice, or if I would have even figured it out as quickly as I did here. To my high school self: I cannot wait for you to get to Troy and live through all of the experiences that make you who you are today.


Tashema, I'm proud of you and all that you've achieved thus far, making the decision to attend college after high school is a smart choice. Although you're on a path to greatness there are a few things to keep in mind. You're a senior this year; therefore you should obtain as many scholarships as possible. College is very expensive. Along with tuition,your books will be pricey. I want you to remember to follow your heart. In college you will face a lot of peer pressure, but you must keep in mind to never put yourself in positions where you feel as though you have to negotiate your sense of integrity. It’s also necessary that I remind you to have faith in all of your abilities. On this journey there will be times when you feel like giving up. Passion and perseverance is needed for your long and short term goals. You have to develop a powerful backbone and maintain stamina in order to excel. I also want you to remember that there is no magic to achieving, nor is there a secret to success only hard work, choices and persistence. You can do it!