Troy University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sadly the people. The school is great, the teachers are friendly and the campus is beautiful. The only thing that could sour Troy is the people, but people who make an experience not so fun can be found everywhere. Troy has taught me that the most important education I can get is the one where I do whatever it takes to succeed in all types of environments. People will put you down no matter what class, race, sex, religion, or person you are and Troy has taught me to stand up for myself. Our moto says it all.


Troy University has some parking-related issues, which can be relatively frustrating. I live on campus, and I still have some problems finding parking in my assigned area, as I am coming back from work at night, or if I have to leave campus for some reason. It seems as though there are always people waiting to steal one's spot the second he or she leaves it.


The turn around time on transfer credit evaluations.


The most frustrating thing about my school is parking. With the growing number of students living on campus, there are not enough palces to park. The rules and regulations for parking are also strict and specific; making it difficult to find a park correctly.


The most fustrating thing about Troy University would have to be the limited housing options. In my reseach into rentals in the troy area, most apartments or house were not up to par with my standards. Many were overprices or too distant from school.




It doesn't have anything to do with the eduacation but its the parking. Its always hard to find somewhere to park which makes me late for class even when I leave early becuase I have to wait until somebody comes out to move their car.


Troy University is much bigger than any school I have ever been to before, so it was very hard to learn where everything was on the campus. Troy has a big International program which is great because it enables the American students to learn about other cultures while on campus, although sometimes something that is accepted in our culture may not be accepted in theirs, so intentions often get misinterpreted.


Very little frustrates me about Troy University but if I have to choose, I would say the parking. When I lived on campus I walked most of the time to class and other places on campus. I now live off campus and it is difficult to find a parking place. Wasted time is spent looking for a place to park. Some spots that looked like an okay place to park have resulted in parking fines.


some classes are not offered during the day


The amount of the classes and the way books are ordered.


A lot of the time we get the runaround when it comes to getting advice. I was told that because I have a Pell Grant, even though it doesn't cover everything "should be enough". So by showing financial need and qualifying for the Pell Grant, I was told that I didn't express financial need. Very frustrating.


Inability to find a part time job


I do not feel like there is anything at Troy University that is very frustrating. I have personal things in my own life that our frustrating, but nothing dealing directly with the university.


Just the Financial aid process. I personally just have a student loan and my parents make too much for me to get any real help. But I am one of two kids they have in college and I am a chil of divorce so it's a sticky stiuation.


The most frustrating thing at my school is parking. The campus is beautiful and the facitilites all very adequate, but parking can be a nightmare. I remember the beginning of Fall 2005, I was forced to leave my car at my dorm and walk the entire length of campus to get from class to class. August 22 in South Alabama is unbearable. By the time I did get to my second class of the day, I was practically sweat-drenched. The campus is very hilly, so walking considerable lengths in the heat is no fun.


The financial aid office. They give the run around, if you have a private loan they sometimes stall until it expires or you don't get it until after you really need it. Financial aid is really one big mess. I'm still waiting for them to certify a loan they were supposed to certify weeks ago.


There was no one there that was really focused on our lives after graduation. They just wanted to get us out of the door. I was from out of state and they really had no financial support for anyone who did not grow up in the area.