Troy University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I am a student at Troy's eCampus. What I love is the ease of being able to learn from my own home office. I can take out a few hours every day and do school on my own schedule. If I need to go to the grocery store, school can wait an hour. I'm not limited by a set class schedule (though I do like to keep close enough to a schedule.) There is flexibility for my learning. And I need that right now.


The best thing about Troy University is the campus life. It is so inviting and relaxed. The campus is big but not too big. You can walk everywhere on campus so no car is needed unless you live far from campus. I walked everyday to campus. They have events everyday on campus for students to attend. Which is great it keeps students out of trouble. The students and professor are very friendly.


The best thing about my school is diversity. I come in contact with a variety of students from all over the world every day and it is a great feeling to be in the presence of such diverse ethnic groups.


The best thing about Troy University is the diverse and amicable student body. The assortment of different cultures and backgrounds all composited together under the same roof is short of incredible. This aids in making new friends regardless of ethnicity or cultural differences.


The best thing about my school is that it gives you the feeling of being at a large university but at the same it has a down-home feel to it. I think this is important becuase many new students are scared to move to a new school or new area from being overwhelmed, but Troy is just right.


Troy University was the top University in the area for Education backgrounds.


The best thing about this school to me is its peaceful atmosphere. There are plenty of places study in quiet inside or out outside around campus.


Troy Universitlitiesy in Albany, Georgia opened my eyes to turning my dreams into possibilities. For twenty five years I had not been in school and Doubted whether or not I would flourish with so much against me. Troy caterated , not only to the working adult but anyone that was serious about their future and that was willing to put in the time to excel. The advisors along with the professor made it clear that there were no limit on what I could achieve. Now my life is filled with endless possibilites.


The faculty and students are one of the best things about Troy. You always feel at home when you're at Troy.


The assistance from professors and staff.


The best thing about my school is the night classes. They make going to school easier on the working adult. Although it may be a full day for someone, they can still go to a classroom and get a lecture that a non-working college student has the opportunity to get.


I like that Troy University is the only school in Alabama with an Interpreter Training Program. They also offer the program online and alot of schools only offer it on campus. Troy has a diverse student body and there are student in my classes from all over the world. I get to learn about the course as well as the studentsand their backgrounds.


It is easy to get around the campus and everyone seems to be really nice and helpful.


The diversity, there are people from all over the world here! It gives me a chance to interact eith peopl from all walks of life!


The class sizes are great especially when you get closer to your major. They are very small which means you get more time with you professor, and thats another thing about Troy you actually get taught by your professor and not a graduate students like most colleges do.


I consider the fact that most professers on the Troy Dothan Campus are not being paid to teach a great thing it shows that they are there for the love of teaching others and not the money. I am glad that I chose Troy for my college of choice and I will never regret my choice of school.


The best thing about my school is that there are lots of students who enjoy working with other students. Sometimes it is hard for people in there early twenties, so having other people encouraging you do better is awesome. There is a program called UAC that is always trying to get students involved in the so called college life. Which helps students get to know more students. When I first started school at Troy, the advisor who helped me register for the first time was so awesome. That lady inspired to continue on with school at Troy.


I consider Troy University to be a college that cares about their students succeeding in the experience at their school and after they graduate. I am an online student and have had the best possible experience that I could have imagined at this facility.


Well, the best thing about my school is it not to big nor to smalll,but just right. Another thing about my school is that it is not to far from my hometown, so i can go home when i want. I also like the environment,people, and the school itself.


The best thing about my school is the fact that they have 5 different terms throughout the year. This allows for a student to graduate sooner since each term is 9 weeks long. Instead of doing tradional 16 week courses, we do 9 weeks. I also love how helpful all of my professors have been and how soon they reply to emails sent from students. So far, I have no complaints about Troy University and I am hoping to get my bachelor degree from there soon!


I enjoy the fact that Troy University isn't too big. I think it is just the right size college for me. I am in a sorerity and have met many new firends through the organization and have enjoyed my time so far at Troy.


The best thing about Troy University is its size. Whether the small s that is size means you have immediate access to your professors or your classes are rarely of an intimdating size, Troy is a growing college, but still comfortable and friendly. I have always described it as a campus that is large enough for you to meet someone new every day, but still small enough that every day you will see familiar faces and friends. The comfortable size of Troy is its strongest attribute.


There is so much I love about my school, it's hard to pick one thing but I would have to say that school spirit is my favorite thing about here. Students here love their Trojans and they aren't afraid to show it!


The campus and town looks very traditional and well kept, going to this University is cozy because it has everything a larger University has but with a southern small town comfort with lazy days and friendly people I guess what I'm trying to say my favorite thing about my school is the privledge of going to school in such a friendly enviroment.


People are very helpful and kind. I love being able to relax on the grounds when classes are over. It's just great!


Troy University is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I came to college not knowing anyone, but in just a few months, I had alot of new friends and I was really involved on campus. It is really easy to meet people on this campus. Getting involved on this campus makes the college experience so much better. The school spirit is glowing on this campus. The campus is so diverse, all of the students get the chance to learn more about other cultures, making everyone more diverse.


I love the small class sizes because it's easier to get involved in class discussions and get to know the professors.