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Truman fostered and thrived based on a community of academically inclined students. School work always came before socialization. The size of the campus was also a benefit. It took a maximum of ten minutes to get from any given building to another on campus. Most of the off campus student housing was less than 15 minutes away from the school by foot.


I could go there for free. Also, fearless squirrels.


1. The campus serene is comforting and warm. 2. The class size is small for effective learning. 3. The professors here really know their onions. 4. Very good student to faculty ratio 17: 1 5. Lots of student organisations for fun and academic excellence. 6. Truman is a home away from home for me as an international student.


Truman University brings to life the college experience for all students. It provides the best of both worlds: an intimate campus where students are known by name; and offered a vast list of opportunities in comparison to large university. Choosing Truman means you'll be supported by faculty and staff; presented with a first class, rigorous curriculum; and offered unique learning experiences. The campus design makes mobility to any spot an enjoyable walk. Professors are easily available to meet the needs of students. I treasure my experiences at Truman State University; I'm grateful for the quality education I received.


One of the unique things about my school, aside from the size, is the area. The other schools I considered were in more urban areas and Truman is much more rural. Because of the fewer distractions, I can focus on my studies more.


Truman State University makes every student feel welcome. All of my teachers know me by name and ask how my day is going when I see them in the hall. Truman is has a very great recruitment program, they let you know you're not just another number. They even sent me a half birthday card after I applied. It offers a wide variety in different majors and is a liberal arts school, so not only do we take classes in our major, but outside as well.


The classes here are small and the professors really get to know each student.


Truman had the better and higher education standards for my major than the other schools and it was for the same price. It was a good deal, better qualiy of education, for the same price as an okay quality of education.


It is very affordable comapred to other schools, and I still feel like I am getting a well-rounded education.


Truman is unique in that its smaller than average size and selectivity allow students to work more closely with each other and their professors to accomplish more in the classroom setting as well as outside of it. The students are affable and approachable, imediately welcoming newcomers into any setting. Students are encouraged, but not forced, to go outside their comfort zone and to experience new things. While most of the campus identifies democratically, conservatives and libertarians find a strong group to interact with, and rivalries are never an issue. All are welcome and appreciated.