Truman State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is definitely a huge activity. Students who choose to get involved with Greek life are very cliquey and don't associate as often with other students. Our Student Activities Board is also a very popular organization, and also highly competitive. SAB sponsors a huge music group every semester, a well known speaker, and a variety of comedians. They also host a smattering of random activities, usually associated with the season, to break up a boring week, and movie nights. Almost all activities are free, funded by a fee students pay every year. Activities wise, partying is definitely the post popular activity. Freshman week is notorious for huge frat parties trying to attract freshman girls during their first week of freedom. Because of the small town size, students often struggle with finding activities, but I know that, while I do drink, if I ever want to do something else I can always figure something out.


Truman is a pretty diverse university! Most of our sports are not the greatest, but we still support the teams. The intramural leagues are popular and competitive, though. I have enjoyed playing intramural volleyball last year and plan to play again this year. We have a good theater program and bring in a lot of great speakers, entertainers, musicians, comedians, and shows. I am highly involved with CRU the interdenominational Christian organization on campus and love it! I am also marginally involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism, and would be involved in lots of other organizations, if only I had time! If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, which happens quite often, I am most certainly doing homework.


Large frequent drunken parties/orgies. I have never been, but considering the number of students i have seen incoherant in front lawns, and the stories i've heard (which may or may not be reliable considering the fact that the recounter of the story had to be at the party and was therefore likely inebrieated themselves) I would never want to be in attendance anyway.


As previously stated, I'm a member of the Sigma Alpha sorority. Sigma Alpha is a professional Agriculture sorority, focused on the women pursuing degrees in agriculture. We're a group of really goofy girls that all want to go on to do something in the ag based world we live in. Every year Sigma Alpha puts on a haunted corn maze in October, which raises money for our charites and promotes good clean fun! There are many other sororities and fraternities that are availiable, not only social, but professional, service, and honors groups too! If the greek life isn't for you, then there are hundreds of groups with all different goals. there are parties almost every weekend, but they're all different places and you can meet totally different people at them. I spend alot of time with our brother fraternity, the Alpha Gamma Rho's, partying and chilling at their house just off campus. there are several bars downtown if that's your thing, and picnics at the lake are a hit in good weather, so there really is something for every one. unless you want a big night club, then you have to drive to Columbia. :P


If you are a part of a Varsity sports team, that is most likely the group you will associate with the most. Many students rush a fraternity or sorority to find a social life. Rarely do the two coincide. I rushed a sorority merely to meet people. And I fell in love with the Greek system and especially my girls. There is always something to do when affiliated. Because of my sorority and the Greek system, I definitely have no room to complain about my social life. I would say the dating scene is exciting and promising Freshman year. But as you get older, the potential datees become fewer and fewer, as either your friends have dated him or you've "heard" about him, or he's belongs to the group of your best guy friends. Kirksville is a small town you know, and Truman's campus isn't all the larger either. As a senior I'm putting my dating life on hold until after graduation. Athletic events are incredibly popular as we don't go to any of the big tourneys etc. But it's fun to go to a game, especially when you know people on the team. Hitting up a soccer game on a gorgeous day is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


We have a strong Greek Life, Intramurals, a million organizations, and an awesome Student Activities Board with a nice budget that brings comedians, bands, and many interesting speakers to campus throughout the year.


Groups/clubs/teams are huge on campus. It is very easy to get involved with something. If you are not into sports or clubs, I would recommend joining a Fraternity/Sorority. I spent 2 years unaffiliated, and have spent the past 2 years as a member of a fraternity. My social life ballooned exponentially when this happened. It is a fantastic way to meet people, educate yourself, and in Truman's case...raise your grades and keep them high. Many believe that joining a fraternity or sorority at Truman is the only thing you can do to have a social life. I don't know if I agree with it, but considering the lack of functions to take up your time in Kirksville, (other than the bars, movie theater, and bowling) I would recommend going Greek, joining a club/team, or getting involved any way you can.


Since we live in Kirksville, MO there is not much for the socializing we can do besides on campus stuff. So, the kids stay out of trouble for the most part. We have to create our own fun, which for some it may involve frat partys, drinking, going to a friends house and watching movies, or just chilling in the dorms and having studying parties (yeah).


Social life = :( ! There aren't really many things to do since its a small town but SAB provides a lot of free entertainment and the greeks host shows where we can all attend, so its not too bad! There isn't really anything you can do on a sturday night that doesn't involve alcohol unfortunately... well you could go to the movies...


It is so important to be involved in at least one organization on campus at Truman. It's a small town and being involved gives you so many more opportunities! I was in a service sorority and I wouldn't change that experience for anything. Campus offers movies and other fun activities throughout every semester , so no matter what there is always something to do!