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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is definitely a huge activity. Students who choose to get involved with Greek life are very cliquey and don't associate as often with other students. Our Student Activities Board is also a very popular organization, and also highly competitive. SAB sponsors a huge music group every semester, a well known speaker, and a variety of comedians. They also host a smattering of random activities, usually associated with the season, to break up a boring week, and movie nights. Almost all activities are free, funded by a fee students pay every year. Activities wise, partying is definitely the post popular activity. Freshman week is notorious for huge frat parties trying to attract freshman girls during their first week of freedom. Because of the small town size, students often struggle with finding activities, but I know that, while I do drink, if I ever want to do something else I can always figure something out.


Truman is a pretty diverse university! Most of our sports are not the greatest, but we still support the teams. The intramural leagues are popular and competitive, though. I have enjoyed playing intramural volleyball last year and plan to play again this year. We have a good theater program and bring in a lot of great speakers, entertainers, musicians, comedians, and shows. I am highly involved with CRU the interdenominational Christian organization on campus and love it! I am also marginally involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism, and would be involved in lots of other organizations, if only I had time! If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, which happens quite often, I am most certainly doing homework.


Large frequent drunken parties/orgies. I have never been, but considering the number of students i have seen incoherant in front lawns, and the stories i've heard (which may or may not be reliable considering the fact that the recounter of the story had to be at the party and was therefore likely inebrieated themselves) I would never want to be in attendance anyway.


As previously stated, I'm a member of the Sigma Alpha sorority. Sigma Alpha is a professional Agriculture sorority, focused on the women pursuing degrees in agriculture. We're a group of really goofy girls that all want to go on to do something in the ag based world we live in. Every year Sigma Alpha puts on a haunted corn maze in October, which raises money for our charites and promotes good clean fun! There are many other sororities and fraternities that are availiable, not only social, but professional, service, and honors groups too! If the greek life isn't for you, then there are hundreds of groups with all different goals. there are parties almost every weekend, but they're all different places and you can meet totally different people at them. I spend alot of time with our brother fraternity, the Alpha Gamma Rho's, partying and chilling at their house just off campus. there are several bars downtown if that's your thing, and picnics at the lake are a hit in good weather, so there really is something for every one. unless you want a big night club, then you have to drive to Columbia. :P


If you are a part of a Varsity sports team, that is most likely the group you will associate with the most. Many students rush a fraternity or sorority to find a social life. Rarely do the two coincide. I rushed a sorority merely to meet people. And I fell in love with the Greek system and especially my girls. There is always something to do when affiliated. Because of my sorority and the Greek system, I definitely have no room to complain about my social life. I would say the dating scene is exciting and promising Freshman year. But as you get older, the potential datees become fewer and fewer, as either your friends have dated him or you've "heard" about him, or he's belongs to the group of your best guy friends. Kirksville is a small town you know, and Truman's campus isn't all the larger either. As a senior I'm putting my dating life on hold until after graduation. Athletic events are incredibly popular as we don't go to any of the big tourneys etc. But it's fun to go to a game, especially when you know people on the team. Hitting up a soccer game on a gorgeous day is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


We have a strong Greek Life, Intramurals, a million organizations, and an awesome Student Activities Board with a nice budget that brings comedians, bands, and many interesting speakers to campus throughout the year.


Groups/clubs/teams are huge on campus. It is very easy to get involved with something. If you are not into sports or clubs, I would recommend joining a Fraternity/Sorority. I spent 2 years unaffiliated, and have spent the past 2 years as a member of a fraternity. My social life ballooned exponentially when this happened. It is a fantastic way to meet people, educate yourself, and in Truman's case...raise your grades and keep them high. Many believe that joining a fraternity or sorority at Truman is the only thing you can do to have a social life. I don't know if I agree with it, but considering the lack of functions to take up your time in Kirksville, (other than the bars, movie theater, and bowling) I would recommend going Greek, joining a club/team, or getting involved any way you can.


Since we live in Kirksville, MO there is not much for the socializing we can do besides on campus stuff. So, the kids stay out of trouble for the most part. We have to create our own fun, which for some it may involve frat partys, drinking, going to a friends house and watching movies, or just chilling in the dorms and having studying parties (yeah).


Social life = :( ! There aren't really many things to do since its a small town but SAB provides a lot of free entertainment and the greeks host shows where we can all attend, so its not too bad! There isn't really anything you can do on a sturday night that doesn't involve alcohol unfortunately... well you could go to the movies...


It is so important to be involved in at least one organization on campus at Truman. It's a small town and being involved gives you so many more opportunities! I was in a service sorority and I wouldn't change that experience for anything. Campus offers movies and other fun activities throughout every semester , so no matter what there is always something to do!


There are over 200 organizations on campus and if students do not get involved in something at Truman, they will be miserable because there is nothing else to do in Kirksville. Frats and Sororities make up a lg majority of the students, but it is not necessary to join one to make friends. Because there is nothing to do in Kirksville, the SAB tries to bring concerts, comedians, host events etc. for the students- some are lame, some are pretty great. In the dorms, many students leave their dorm rooms open and are in and out of each other's rooms. If students are up at 2:00am they are either studying/cramming for an exam or drinking. Truman has a lame dating scene. The campus is small enough so many students have preconceived notions about one another; gay, lesbian, bisexuals make up a large majority of the campus or people just do not date


if you don't join a frat or sorority don't plan on going to many parties...


I have some amazing friends! Some of them i met within my residence hall, but others I have met through my classes or organizations. But there is no one to date- truman needs to work on having a better social life for its students. Awake at 2 am on a Tuesday- I'm studying and still working on homework. I think most people party at least every other weekend just to relieve the stress from the homework and studying and the stress.


The Greek life is thriving but far from dominating the campus. Many students are in some organization or another, even if it is just a professional Greek organization. Community service is a big deal on campus. Homecoming is not really a big deal, neither are sports. The dorms tend to have very tight communities, it's how I met most of my friends. Parties are a big deal, but most people I know only go out on weekends and an occasional weekday. The town has a very good Hastings and some pretty decent restaurants that deliver, so movie nights are reasonably frequent. Guest speakers draw crowds, I've never really been to a theater presentation, and the semester comedian and band concerts are big draws. The Student Activities Board does a good job in general getting entertaining things for the students.


Social life and activities are awesome at Truman. There are so many things for students to get involved in!! I joined rugby, and it was the most awesome part of my college career. I tried multiple organizations my freshman year, and that was fun, until i found the crowd and people that i truely fit in with. I really enjoyed the dorms my freshman year and that was where I made all of my friends my freshnan year. Residence life offers many activities. Parties happen, you can always find one, but besides fraternities, they are mosly more like a small gathering of friends. I always partied with my rugby friends and that was fun for me. Kirksville has Pancake City (aka Shittys) which is a great place to go to at 2 am. And Il Spazio is a unique restuant that often has live music and a chill atmosphere and a bar. There are many bars downtown as well.


All the fun things you can do on a Saturday night that does not involve drinking: Catch a train at the train bridge... it is a pretty awesome experience, anyone could tell you Go to Pancake City... you're bound to have a good time no matter what. It's Pancake City. Just one rule: you shouldn't go til after 12! Watch a movie... sometimes staying in and chilling in sweats is exactly what you want to do after a long week Ultimate Frisbee. in the dark. Stick Ball on the tennis courts, because they're always lit at night! Walmart trip. There's always something interesting to find there. Play on one of the playgrounds in K-ville. Sometimes you've just gotta be a kid again. Drive past the city limits where it's dark and star gaze. The night sky is 10X better in the country than where I'm from in Chicago. Start a prank war. Ideally targeting all the people who are out getting wasted. ;) Play capture the flag on campus. Explore the abandoned ski lodge. Or...Participate in one of the many events going on around campus anyway, like an SAB event or an organizational function... you won't regret checking out something different!


Greeks, SAB, music, and sports teams seem to be the most popular groups to get involved with. I was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and student dorm life. CRU was amazing! It had weekly gathering with amazing people. It always was a good time. CRU is open and very welcoming to visitors. Athletic events aren't very popular at all. The SAB events bring in the most people. The dating scene is There are definitely some lookers here. You just have to watch who you date and their motives. Parties are very common because there is not much to do here. There isn't really pressure to attend though. Even those people who aren't drinkers will attend some. You have to be aware of whose party your going to, but many people just go to dance and socialize- you will have those greek parties where it is just a huge drunkfest though too. Fraternities and soroities are fairly popular, but you have to be aware that you will be defined by which one you join. There are different activities and well known people that perform at Truman and is fun to see. If you don't drink and want something to do I guess I'd say that sports/working out, watching movies, and Wal-Mart visits are the most common things to do.


Im in a greek organization but the university hates greek life and does whatever it can to impead our activites, reguardless of if they are social or other.


Students in the residence halls leave their doors open pretty frequently, which is nice to build community and make friends. In fact, I met most of my closest friends my freshmen year in my residence hall! Fraternities and sororities are the most popular type of student group on campus, but it's not necessary to join one to make friends or fit in. There is very little discrimination between Greeks and non-Greeks, so there's no pressure to join and pay a lot of money to make friends. People party on the weekends mostly, but there are some parties during the week. Again, a lot of people don't ever party or drink in the traditional "Animal-House" way, so there's no pressure to party, either.


Kirksville is small but you make your own fun. Find an organization that you love and hold on to it. Be as invoved as possible and you'll never want for things to do.


It is very important to get involved in student groups on campus because they are the center of social life and generally organize most parties and other social functions (such as trips to the lake or an impromtu soccer game).


Social life at Truman is pretty good, they always provide a good variety of things to do throughout the week and into the weekend.


There are over 200 organizations and I think you have to almot try not to do any extracurriculars. My sorority and wrestling team take up most of time and I plan on joining a dance organization as well. Sororitys and Fraternitys are big on campus, especially for the guys. It's hard for them to socialize otherwise (aka party). There are some concerts and other events offered by the school and some are pretty popular. There are some restaurants in twn, usually no more than 1 or 2 per "genre", except for Chinese and Mexican. Up late on a weekday, you're either drinking or studying. Almost every sports team and social organizations + others have parties every weekend. My lastweekend at Truman was spent partying & studying for finals. If you don't drink there is always being sober at parties (one of my favs), renting movies, plays or recitals, athletic events, and catching a movie on the square. Depending on your personality and what you like to do, you can find a niche and things to do on campus no matter the day or time. Off-campus...I eat. Thats about all there is off-campus.


Greek life is very popular. There are numerous social sororities and fraternities, and then there's a couple service organizations, as well as honor fraternities. A lot of people are involved in the Greek system. Personally, I'm in Sigma Chi Delta, which is a local social sorority. It's small, we only have about 20 members right now, but it keeps me busy and I love being involved in it. I think where you live is integral to who your friends are. All my closest friends are from my hallway in my dorm. It's easiest to be friends with those people, because you're going to see them everyday the whole year. Plus, it's just easier to hang out with them. I can stay in my friend's dorm room until 3am, and just walk a few feet to my room to go to bed. Also, we like to watch tv shows together, so it makes it easy to spend time together. How often people party varies a lot. It just depends who you are-if you want to go to a party every night of the week, you certainly can (but I don't recommend it). On the other hand, if you never want to go to one, you don't have to and no one is going to think any less of you for it. It's more typical to go to parties if you're in a sorority or fraternity, but I know people who are unaffiliated who will occasionally go to them too. Let's just say it makes it easier to go to parties if you're Greek. But going along with that, there are certain stereotypes associated with each sorority and fraternity.


Only 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or so of students are Greek, so partying is the heaviest among them. If you go Greek, do everyone a favor and move off campus as soon as you can. Greek life doesn't fit well within Residence Life policies. The big partying nights are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If you're Greek you could be drunk (underage of not) any day of the week. Romance is 50/50. Some people are hardcore daters only, others are looking for marriage. By senior year, expect a lot of girls in your classes to be engaged. Besides drinking on a Saturday night, most people still get together and have fun. Movies, trips, game nights, sport events, video game parties, on campus events, and going home are prevalent.


Popular groups include CCF which is a church organization and Greek life whether its academic, social, or service. I am involved with purple pride which is the football pep group. We make signs for the football players every week to put on their lockers and decorate the locker room, we provide them with snacks, we attend all football games to cheer the team on, we do fund raising, and help with recruitment which includes giving tours and planning visit days. During the first couple weeks of school some of the students leave their doors open but with the new design of the dorms, they are seeming more and more like hotels where people don't really interact with each other by having doors open. There are lounges and common places where people are able to meet others and hang out. Athletic events are not very popular at all. There are people at events, but its not something that everyone does or everyone gets excited about. Our teams aren't D1 so its not as big of a deal as say Mizzou. As for guest speakers and theater events, I would say that the theater is alway full or atleast full. There is not a lot of "dating" at Truman. I guess dating would consist of hanging out and watching a movie, going out to dinner when the dining halls are closed, or going for a walk around campus. A lot of guys and girls meet at parties and end up going home with each other. I met my closes friends during freshman week, they all lived in my hall. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am either studying, just hanging out with the girls and talking, or at a party. Some people party a lot at truman and some people don't party at all. According to the survey results that they advertise 3/4 of the alcohol is drank by 1/4 of the students. So only 1/4 of the students are heavy drinkers. One thing I have noticed though is Truman students are very responsible about getting their homework/studying done before they party. Greek life is only important if you are a guy. If you are a girl, you can get into any party you want. Some times you may have to wait until after midnight until mixers are over and parties open up to all girls, but I have never had a problem finding or getting into a party. Guys cannot get into any party. They either have to know someone (which even sometimes doesn't work) or go to parties where they allow guys (which only happens rarely). Last weekend, I went to frat parties both Friday and Saturday nights. During the days on Saturday and Sunday i spent all day in the library. I would say thats the typical weekend for a Truman student that parties. If you don't drink, there are a couple things that you could do on a Saturday night. Many times there are comedians/bands that come, you could go out to train bridge, play games with friends, walk around campus, go to a movie, go bowling, do homework, go to a party and not drink.


parties, drinking, bars, etc.


I am part of the BSU, which is somewhat popular. I don't think there is any one group that is most popular. But certainly in each major the respective sororities/fraternities are popular among those in that major. Most of the people in dorms that leave their doors open are freshman and nice upper classmen (like me and my roommate). I know that among those in fraternities/sororities thursday night and saturday night are the big drinking nights. There are usually other things to do on a saturday afternoon, but nothing usually happens on saturday night so most people go drinking. However I and my group of friends might go to a party (without drinking) and just dance and hang out. What usually happens when we have nothing to do is we watch a lot of movies.


It's hard at times to find things to do around Kirksville. There isn't much fun without drinking but you don't have to drink a lot to have fun.


Truman is not a school that will adequately develop social skills, I know this because I have attended various different forms of schooling throughout my life and Truman's is by far the worst.


Almost every student on campus is involved with an academic organization such as an honor fraternity or service organization. Athletics at Truman are not very popular. Many underclassmen at Truman understandably do not drink. Maybe this is attributed to the academic focus of its students, but you will be able to find friends that do not drink if you do not drink as well.


there are SO many things to get involved in on campus! of course there are the traditional greek sororities and fraterinties, but there are so many other things. i am in alpha sigma gamma which is one of the largest student organizations on campus. it is a non-greek service sorority that has well over 130 members. dont want to join a sorority? no problem! there are clubs and group for everything imaginable! there are church organizations, student senate, political organizations, organizations that are racially diverse. whatever your looking for, its here!


Greek is the most popular thing to do. Most people do, however I didn't so I cant tell you what it's like. I wanted to be able to decide when I did things and wanted some freedom that I felt I wouldn't get from a frat. On campus there are tons of things to do other than that though, organizations and things that allow you to meet people and find a group to hang out with. Dorm life is very open and you find some of your closest friends here. Doors are usually propped open and people will often just drop in and say hi. Its a very social place and sometimes you can spend hours just hanging out in the dorm. Truman does a pretty good job of bringing people in to speak and perform. Last year we had OKGO and HelloGoodbye come in for the big concerts and some comedians as well. Demitri Martin was one of the comedians, if you've never heard him by the way you should check him out, he's hilarious. Parties happen almost every weekend and if you want to go you can. People party all the time, though its not like you have to.


i met my girlfriend of 4 year freshman year out at fraternity parties


The best performing sport is volleyball. Intramurals are huge at Truman. Truman is a safe campus but doors can't be left open unless someone is inside (reslife rule) Athletic events are under attended. Everyone goes to Pancake City in the early morning hours. People may party a lot, depends if they are greek or not. Fraternities and sororities have their place but it isn't important to be a part of one. Movies and bowling are like the only things you can do off campus.


The largest organization on campus is Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity. If you're into it, you should join and do some service.


Tsoda is an awesome dance program that is an option for students who dont have the time and dedication towards Dance team or are just beginning to explore dance. It costs $15 a semester and you can take any and all dance classes you can go to. Military Science classes also provide activitites to do which are interesting and fun- belaying off of a three story tall tower, canoeing, paintballing, etc. People go out often when they are greek-- but you rarely see a non-greek out on a weeknight.