Truman State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Truman State University?


It's known for being a very difficult school and has been called the Harvard of the Midwest.


I brag about my sororirty as well as the small-size school and the education quality here.


The campus is small but that helps to get to all your classes without problems. Since the school is relatively small you get to know most of the students in your classes as well. There is a long history at TSU for academic excellence, I've heard it called the Harvard of the midwest in the liberal arts arena. The professors are accessible and willing to meet with you when you reach out to them.


Truman State almost forces you to get involved or find your own method of entertainment due to its location


The fraternity systme.


When I tell my friends about where I went for my undergrad, I brag about the amazing and dedicated professors. I talk about the difficulties and challenges I had to face in getting my degree and how happy I was to choose Truman.




The large number of scholarships offered. Great professors.


that it is becoming more and more prestigious


We're all really smart and going to be successfull in our lives.