Truman State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Truman State University?


That we are all weird nerds. And like to talk about math problems in our spare time.


We think we are absolutly Brilliant; as the school dubs itself the, "Harvard of the Midwest."


One probably is that truman students are smarter and that when you come here you are joining an enclave of serious students, this is patently bull.


The main stereotype I can think of is that Truman is a very hard school to get into, and that all Truman students have time to do is study.


Every school has it's respective stereotypes. Among the most common for TSU include: "Truman girls are ugly", "TSU kids don't know how to have fun", "TSU kids are brainy and boring", etc.


There's nothing to do.


It is widely believed that Truman students were the brainy, glasses wearing, suspenders toting, nerds from high school.


that everyone that goes to truman is already extremely smart and knows what they want to do.


Nothing to do in Kirksville, students are all nerds, the town and school are too small to survive!


Nerdy, smart, like to read, ask a lot of questions