Truman State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we are all weird nerds. And like to talk about math problems in our spare time.


We think we are absolutly Brilliant; as the school dubs itself the, "Harvard of the Midwest."


One probably is that truman students are smarter and that when you come here you are joining an enclave of serious students, this is patently bull.


The main stereotype I can think of is that Truman is a very hard school to get into, and that all Truman students have time to do is study.


Every school has it's respective stereotypes. Among the most common for TSU include: "Truman girls are ugly", "TSU kids don't know how to have fun", "TSU kids are brainy and boring", etc.


There's nothing to do.


It is widely believed that Truman students were the brainy, glasses wearing, suspenders toting, nerds from high school.


that everyone that goes to truman is already extremely smart and knows what they want to do.


Nothing to do in Kirksville, students are all nerds, the town and school are too small to survive!


Nerdy, smart, like to read, ask a lot of questions


Truman is a hard school and Truman students are extremely smart!


It's harder than the average school and you will work for it. There is nothing to do except go to Wal-Mart.


When someone askes what college I attend and I mention it's TSU, the response is usually, "Ohhh you must be really smart." Truman students are smart, competitive (academically, not athletically), stressed, sleep deprived, etc.


They are all geeks. That outside of the athletic population and greek life, its a bunch of nerds. the faculty and higher-ups don't care about building strong sports teams.


That we are nerds, don't have fun, always stressed


St. Louis Area biology students.


That we are all smart.


I came from out of state, and though Chicago is not thousands of miles away, no one has ever heard of Truman. So considering that, I had no preconceived ideas about Truman coming into the year, save that it was the school that I ended up being most attracted to for its size and price. It bugged me so much my first year to see students selling or donning Truman State t-shirts boasting "Harvard of the Midwest." Come on. Truman academics aren't a piece of cake, but I can tell you that after talking to friends at the Ivy League schools, Truman is NO Harvard. Truman students like to characterize themselves as being "bright and studious..." and, while that is true, it's not a characteric unique to Truman students. Obviously. With that said, Truman does have a lot going for it, especially for its price: attentive faculty, strong campus organizations, and always lots going on around campus. For that, I'll settle with Truman's stereotype of being a "great buy."


Truman is said to be the Harvard of the Midwest, with some of the brightest students


People are thought to be geeks with now lives


Either you don't drink and are completely against drinking or you drink way too much. Truman is in the middle of nowhere and the only thing to do is drink.


Truman is stereotyped as being extremely academic and therefore boring. People look at Truman and assume that because it's highly selective, all the students who attend are incredibly intelligent and over-involved in their school work. Truman also is located in a fairly small town -- Kirksville, MO -- which many people assume is boring and inadequte for entertainment.


"Havard of the Midwest," aka Ivy League worthy education but in the Midwest. Affordable High Quality education. All work and no play.


The stereotype about Truman students is that we are all white and severely Christian. If we are not from St. Louis or Kansas City, we come from very small towns and have a very limited world view.


Truman - hard, small, boring town, small classes Truman Students - nerds, all pre-MAE, future sociopaths


Everyone is very smart. Everyone is from St. Louis. All there is to do in Kirksville is WalMart. Truman is a very difficult school.


We are on the list of the ugliest campuses. Truman students study all the time. The school is boring because its in the middle of nowhere.


Brains, Nerds, heavy drinkers.


among students the stereotype is that we are super smart. Often you will hear a teacher say "come on, you guys are truman students you can do it" after assigning a seemingly impossible project or homework assignment. Outside of school I think other people think we are simple or not very serious because we live in such a small town.


The girls are ugly and we are all bookworms. Popular phrases to describe girls are "Truman hot" where at Truman she is a 9 but at Mizzou she would probably only be a 7.


Truman is to be a school of the highest intellect and hard working students; and the female student body is believed to be the worst looking in the country. All city kids, so country and rural raised students feel drastically out of place.


Stereotpyes say that we are extremely smart and study alot.


there is nothing to do there, all people do is study, its really hard


People think that Truman is located in the middle of no-where with nothing to do, and that all people do at Truman is study and sit around watching paint dry.


Everyone is smart!


no social skills for the most part


That they are smart and study all the time.


There isn't much of a party scene, and we study all the time


They are ugly and aletist. Extremely intelligent and very much the supporters of the theme: "Harvard of the Midwest".