Truman State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Truman State University? Is this stereotype accurate?


Our stereotype is that we are the nerds of Missouri and we will take over the world. We are also thought of as stuck up because of how much pride we take in our regional rankings as a college. To an extent, I do believe our stereotype is accurate. I feel like everyone here takes pride in their nerdy side. We like being the smart kids and we don't mind being known that way.






A stereotypical Truman student is "super smart," from St. Louis or surrounding areas, and is into exclusively "nerdy" types of recreation. However, as this is a stereotype, it's not completely accurate. I do think that Truman students are more inclined to participate in "nerdy" events, such as Humans versus Zombies (as we have a regional invitational), and trading-card game tournaments. I'd say this stereotype is somewhat accurate for about 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the population at Truman. But that's just my estimation.


Stereotype of students is that we are all really smart. While the majority of students are very smart there are definitely not so smart people here too.


A common stereotype of Truman students is that we are all bookworms. Truman is a selective university, so many of students that come here were among the top in their high school class. So yes, most of us spend a lot of time studying and trying to meet the high expectations set by our professors. However, that's not to say we don't have a good time. Though being studious may often be associated with being boring, I would say Truman students are far from boring. The people who attend are usually quite smart, but are also well-rounded with bright personalities and a good sense of fun.


Hipsters, definitely hipsters. But super smart overachieving hipsters. And it is totally true. We've got our fair share of supernerds and not as smart jocks, but this school was maybe for the slightly liberal, pretty smart student, and that is definitely who frequents it.


Truman might be a state university, but we definitely earned the title "Harvard of the Midwest." In general, Truman students are very driven individuals who work hard and strive to do their best and be the best. They are usually open to discussing a wide range of topics, even on touchy political, religious, and similar subjects, without insulting or condemning each other - this is a Liberal Arts University, after all!


We tend to think of ourselves as the "smart kids". Truman is a place where students embrace their quirks, even if that means they are nerdy. It's okay here. We also call ourselves the "Harvard of the Midwest." Basically, we think of ourselves as people who study. A lot. School generally comes first for most students.


The stereotype of students at Truman State University is that the majority are very bookish nerds. Our athletics are, overall, not taken as seriously because the majority of students put grades above any other aspect at school. However, the stereotype of a Truman student is not only that they work hard, but that they play hard. Greek life is huge at Truman, and a large percent of the student base are involved in a Greek organization. For the most part, these stereotypes are relatively accurate. Greek life is huge, and academics is revered at Truman. It is regarded as a difficult school, academically, but those attending know it and are prepared for the work that goes into getting a degree from Truman State University.