Truman State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing was the weather. It is far enough north that it snows a lot during winter and the wind combined with cold temperatures make it unenjoyable to walk to classes during the winter. They do a good job of clearing the sidewalks of snow and ice but the majority of students walk to classes and when there's bad weather, it's horrible.


When in college you are supposed to focus on one thing, grades. But everyone needs a break sometimes or somewhere to go to just relax and have a good time. In Kirksville there is not much to do besides go to the local walmart. The only other alternative is to try to find something on campus to do or study more. Studying is very important, but having something else to do every once and a while would not hurt.


The most frustrating thing about Truman is the lack of commercialization in the town. Most students here are from larger towns and it can become really inconveinient to have to drive an hour and a half or longer if you want to go to a mall or see a certain movie or (for African americans) find a decent hairdresser. A small town is nice, but after a while it can become boring and inconveinient; especially if you don't have the luxury of having a vehicle.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the weather. Walking to class in the snow and freezing wind is not the most fun thing to do.


The pressure on each student to excel and be the best in classes made up of the best in each high school.


TSU is located in a fairly rural area that some would call isolated. There are several fast food restaurants but no shopping centers or downtown to speak of. This is a drawback for anyone who visits Truman.


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably the workload. There's always a LOT of homework to do, and it gets old. But everyone manages to get it all done, and teachers are pretty willing t o give extensions. It's also hard to get financial aid after freshman year, if you didn't recieve an aid package starting off. But most people here have at least some financial aid, and 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} graduate with no debt.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is in a rural area, meaning there is not a whole lot do as far as malls and other big stores. All the country side is nice though.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is thier scholarship program. They give out alot of full-rides but not many other scholarships for undergraduates. I had decent high school scores but they were just a shade to low to get even the smallest academic scholarship. They haven't opened to many financial opportunities for me.


There are professors and students that are difficult to get along with because of differeing viewpoints or commitment to coursework but I think that this problem can occur at any university so I really have no problems that make me frustrated with the school.


Not all of the off-campus houses are in the best condition, but that's not the school's fault.


The lack of diversity and getting the run-around from the adminstration


I think the most frustrating thing about my school, for me, is that I'm surrounded by people who are predominately middle class or higher, though I suppose that is the case for the majority of 4-year institutions. Truman State University is a very inexpensive school, which is one key reason that I am able to attend, but it can get frustrating being around people who all have the newest gadgets and toys with no concept of true appreciation for what they have.


I was frustrated with how fiancial aid handled full scholarships - when I wanted to move off campus, I couldn't get a sufficient off-campus stipend (they will give me a max of $500). So, financially, I had to stay on campus instead of moving off-campus during my junior and senior years to learn to live on my own.


the fact that all students feel that this is some sort of prestigous school.


It's often impossible to get into classes that you need to complete your major's class sequence. This is especially true for students who were not able to transfer in great numbers of credit hours.


Right now, probably the lack of parking spaces. It's like playing musical chairs with parking spots if you live on campus. My girlfriend lives on campus and it is always a challenge to find a spot when we are coming back from somewhere to her dorm when driving, especially at night. Faculty has about double the parking that they had last year and some of their spots overlap into the residences' spots. It's ridiculous.


It is hard work to accomplish initiatives on campus as a student. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, and sometimes, it might seem that the faculty/staff isn't the most supportive because they are used to tradition.


The attendance policy


It is a depressing environment. There are a lot of know it all students and a lot of the faculty seems like they just do not care about their jobs at all and would rather be somewhere else. I have even heard teachers mention that they come here to put their 3 years in before they get a "real" job. Greek life is discouraged and discriminated against by the administration. The town is run down and a lot of the students are really weird. It also gets very cold in the winter.