Tufts University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The reputation.


Tufts is diversity. The campus itself is a mixture between a small liberal arts college and a major research university and its students have a sense of community while maintaining a global awareness. Students also come from every state in the country and other nations in all corners of the globe. Additionally, cultural houses promote a variety of lifestyles as well as tolerance and respect for all people. Students feel comfortable with each other and continually seek ways to use what they have learned in the classroom to give back as members of a global community.


The financial aide is fantastic, it keeps me in school and with minor debt, which is a lot to hope for when you grow up in a farm family who is going througha divorce.


The best thing about my school is its focus on helping others. There are so many groups on campus that are focused on helping our community and other communities all over the world. This is important to me because I feel that we are all so lucky to be going to Tufts and we should give back to others. These activities also allow me and my classmates to become closer to each other. It is also a great learning experience to be able to work with many different people from many different economic classes and many different countries.


There are many wonderful things about Tufts! I really like the size. We have about 4,500 students; small enough that you see familiar faces every day, but there are always new people to meet, too. This also leads to a small professor-student ratio (ours is about 1:9 on average), so the professors get to know the students (and vice versa). This means that the professors really get to know what works for different students. (The small size also means that takes under ten minutes to walk across campus, so it's difficult to be late for anything!)


This school really cares about its students and makes them its number one priority. The faculty and the administration both make an effort to get to know you and make you feel important and wanted. There is a lot of individualized attention.


community service, clubs, social justice


The best thing about Tufts is the community. The community at Tufts is an amazing blend of academic discussion, socialization, and cultural experience.


My study abroad program was amazing. Tufts did a great job organizing it and our program director was amazing!


The location because it's in a quiet neighborhood, but close to the city.


The Philosophy and Brain and Cognitive Sciences departments.


The small size and community focused atmosphere.


I love how Tufts gives you the best of everything. It is neither too big nor too small. It isn't right in the city, but it isn't out in the boondocks either. There is so much for you to explore here-- a huge variety of people to meet, clubs to join, classes to take...the possibilities are endless!


The best thing at Tufts is definitly the student body. The weather kid of sucks, the professors can be frustrating, but all tufts students are worthwhile companions and friends.


Incredibly friendly, motivated, bright students. Engaged in their community and eager to make an impact. Tufts is constantly re-inventing itself and improving to meet students' needs. I'm confident my diploma will continue to help me throughout my career.


The people are diverse and extremely friendly at Tufts University.


the diversity of opportunities


I consider diversity to be the best thing at my school. There is increadible diversity among the students and faculty, but also among the different classes, buildings, religions, cultures, arts, sports, and the list goes on. There are state of the art lab and performing arts spaces and historic buildings on campus. There are fraternities and healthy living dorms. There are engineers, political scientists, artists, economists, etc. There are all manner of religions, cultures, performance groups, teams (including varsity, jv, and recreational), and hundreds of clubs and student organizations. And the best part is that virtually everyone is accepted everywhere.


It's difficult to pick a single best thing. What I perhaps love most is the large number of research opportunities available. This is Boston, which I consider unarguably the greatest academic city in the world. If you look for it, you'll find a way into your field.


Tufts is a rigourous, intellectual campus with friendly, passionate people! I love how involved the students are and are making real changes in the world.


I think the best thing about Tufts is that we do not need a sports team to rally behind. There is this inarticulatable part of being a Jumbo that makes you want to support the community as a whole. It's very easy to feel connected.


The Experimental College- awesome, unique, and innovative classes taught by interesting, knowledgeable, and non-traditional instructors.

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