Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


You'll find many shades of vanilla–artists, hipsters, stoners, jocks, intellectuals, sorostitutes, frat bros–all united in an eclectic city of eternal Mardi Gras.


Elitist, Business Oriented, and Jewish. Located in an amazing part of New Orleans, however the culture of the school itself is anything but the easy going attitude of New Orleans.


A modern day castle at the front of campus with lush green grass and far reaching trees, one of which holds many Mardi Gras beads. The campus stretches far back into Uptown New Orleans. Just past the front buildings are modern art creations to see! Then you have the long building of Stern Hall and the various science laboratories. Feret Street runs through the middle of campus, and crossing it leads us to the Lavern Bernick Center (LBC) where you can eat in the food court, visit the book store, or just study. The business school is to the right where you can see the stocks running by and students and teachers in suits. Monroe Hall and Sharp Hall, freshman dorms, are right behind the business school. A huge quad is to the left where many of the campus events are held. In short, the grass is always green, the people are always lively, and the campus is always ready for anybody.


Tulane is BEAUTIFUL! The campus is shaped like a cross, with the center being the "LBC", which contains the bookstore, a food option, stores, hair salons, barbershops, FedEx, a bank... The front of our school is charming. Before the holidays they put lights around the bushes surrounding the "Tulane University" sign, and it is breathtaking. Majority of the dorms are located near the center of campus. It takes about 15 minutes to get from one end to the other, very easy. We have lot's of green quads that add to that "campus" feeling. The buildings do not have a uniform architecture though, the one critique I have of the campus. Overall, it is the perfect size.


Glorious old noble buildings combined with modern


My school is old, and my favorite thing about it are the beautiful old trees on campus. It makes walking through campus feel like the 'real college experience' and it's just beautiful. Many of the buildings have different styles as they were built at different times but they all seem to go together very well. I love the Tulane Uptown Campus, it's one of the reason's I chose the school when I was a senior.


That was my first thought walking around campus. It's fitting that we're the "green wave" because everywhere you go things are nice, sparkly, and green. The school benefits from the 40+ inches of rain each year and it shows. The grass glistens and sparkles (the hotties sunbathing in the spring doesn't hurt). While our school got sunk pretty bad during Katrina, you'd never know it by looking around. The old buildings were all rebuilt to still look old so you get that classic old vs new effect that make College campuses so outstanding. It really is a gorgeous school and one you'd be proud to walk your friends and family around.


Compact but attractive city campus. Very centralized and easy to get around. Very green, with lots of really beautiful old oak trees. Front part of campus is pretty impressive, full of oaks and older buildings, looks a bit like its out of some cheesy college movie. Central campus is a bit more mix and match, with some old buildings, some terrible 60's architecture, and some ultra-modern buildings. Lots of green, open space and very pedestrian friendly. The only real signs of Katrina are in the library, which is still waiting on some renovation.


A small, beautiful campus full of ambitious, smart kids who also know how to chill out.


Tulane has a lot of great resources that are often wasted on overprivileged, undervalued students.


My school is very student friendly as there is always help available for difficult homework, and all of the students are friendly and willing to assist you in any way, shape, or form; it's a wonderful feeling to be so welcomed.


Tulane University can be summed up in one word: dynamic.


Tulane has all of the culture of New Orleans- the food, music, festivals, history- but also world class academics that are as prestigous as Ivy League schools.


Tulane is a private institution that exudes priveledge and entitlement and lacks diversity, but which tries to be involved in the New Orleans community in a positive way which unfortunately ends up following a model of imposition rather than solidarity.


Tulane University is a place where people can go to pursue any academic interest and be significantly challenged while at the same time have the greatest time of their life socially and have numerous opportunities and experiences, academically, culturally, and socially, presented to them.


A school that's large enough to be strong academically, but small enough that anyone can get to know almost everyone else.


Snow finally comes to Tulane...


A view of Tulane's academic quad.


A 360 view of Tulane's academic quad.


Socially enthusiastic university set in a beautiful area just outside a revived metropolis.


Tulane is an exciting vibrant learning institutuion, with many opportunities available to me.


Tulane is a fun, socially motivated school that will give you a good education IF you can balance work and play.


We work hard then we play hard.


Tulane is an interesting place to learn both inside and outside the classroom.


The best undergraduate university in the country.


Where fantasy meets reality. New Orleans is a city that provies more culture and history than most other places in the US and is a great environment for a college student.


I love Tulane - it was the best place for me in terms of my social life and growing as a person. I love the city of New Orleans and the Tulane campus and community.


Heavy rain and occasional flooding are a fact of life when you go to college below sea level. A typical Tulane rainstorm.


Many different people from all over the country all looking to enjoy the many different aspects of New Orleans culture and help rebuild the city in some way.


Tulane is the best school in the nation, hands-down.


Tulane University combines a rewarding academic experience with a rockin social life.


Absolutely amazing.


A place for rich Jewish kids to run rampant.


Students work pretty hard and play very hard.


A gumbo pot of high tech meets old world ways, a beautiful city with a still struggling University, crossed between a venture capital who is worried on their own apperance while trying to roducing fine well rounded individuals.


Tulane University is a challenging and fun place to get a truly fantastic education and make lots of great friends!