Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My all-time favorite campus tradition is Crawfest!!! I love me some crawfish! Crawfest is a day long event on the LBC quad. Sixteen TONS of crawfish are brought in and boiled with potatoes (which are the best) and corn. If you are vegetarian, like many students at Tulane are, don't fret! There are other stands around the event that sell food too! Just be sure to bring money for them. Crawfest is free with a Tulane Splash Card and $10 for everyone else. There are also booths set up that gives students the opportunity to see some of what makes New Orleans amazing. If you've never eaten, or let alone seen, a crawfish, don't be alarmed! It's pretty easy to eat. Just pop (and twist) the tail off and unwrap it like you would a boiled shrimp!


Definitely crawfest, this huge festival in the spring where students and student organizations put on a big music festival with free crawfish for all the students. There are literally boats filled with cooked crawfish. Which, by the time crawfest rolls around in the spring you probably will have learned how to eat. It's an art. I also love that Tulane brings seriously big name speakers each year. As a writer, I've loved getting to meet the poet laureates in the poet laureate series. Also, I loved meeting Dave Eggers and Salmon Rushdie. Other campus traditions I love? On Halloween the schools puts on Rocky Horror Picture show. Everyone dresses up and fills up the auditorium to watch it together.


This week we had our snow day, one of the quads is filled with snow and there is free hot chocolate.


free food and live music all day.


Most of Tulane on-campus programming is pretty quiet (they do, after-all have to compete with New Orleans!) Yet once a year in the Spring, Crawfest roles in and it's awesome! Basically for ten dollars you receive admission to music festival crossed with an all-you-can-eat crawfish buffet.Local bands play, food comes by the bucket load (literally) and everyone enjoys cold beverages while sun-bathing on the grass. It's gotten so big that outsiders actually pay extra to get in on the fun. It's a great time to enjoy the last few weeks of the year and remember how damn fun this place is.


Tulane I think is best known for its survival of Hurrican Katrina. In the words of the movie Aladain, it was a diamond in the rough. Many people though that New Orleans and Tulane would never be able to recover, but Tulane set a shining example for the city by reopening the next semester and becoming stronger than ever before. Out of tragedy, Tulane found ways to make positive changes, not only on campus but also in the whole City of New Orleans. Tulane's community efforts have been very admirable.




The city it is located in. New Orleans is an amazing place that everyone should get the chance to experience.


Tulane is well known as an excellent pre-career school, offering a great background for students who plan to pursue a career in medicine, law, engineering or business. Tulane is especially recognized for its strong business school classes, as well as sciences like neuroscience, cell and molecular biology and psychology.


My school is best known for its love of New Orleans. There is so much to do in the surrounding area that directly impacts what we do and learn about on campus. It's the most authentic city in the U.S, and I feel proud to represent it.


Mardi Gras.


Surrounding area of new orleans, nightlife and academics


Best known for having a rigerous acidemic load, and for being in a really fun city new orleans


being in New Orleans - students are very involved in the community whether through community service, participating in local events, or enjoying delicious New Orleans food.


New Orleans


Crepes a la Cart, across the street from campus, serves authentic French crepes filled with everything from nutella and strawberries to chicken and dill.


Why Tulane-LSU football can't be beat.


Good business school, good undergraduate pre-med programs. Highest academic standards of any school in Louisiana, top fifty ranked school


My school is know for its pre-med and health oriented programs. In addition, it has a strong interest in promoting and participating in a wide variety of research progects. Most importantly, it has not and will not give up on New Orleans,


Tulane, I think is know for being completely well rounded. While it is world reknown reasearch university, there is still a lot to do outside of the normal realm of academia. There's tons of stuff to do inside campus as far as extracurriculars, with over 250 clubs and sports, theres something to do for anyone. Outside campus the city of New Orleans is full of things to do, music, museums, and bars. Tulane students know how to have fun, but take care of there studies too. What more can you want?


Partying, culture of New Orleans, FUN.