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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The only stereotype I can think of for Tulane is "Jewlane," due to the high number of Jewish people that attend. I don't think that's exactly accurate though. While, yes, a number of students at Tulane are Jewish (there are two Jewish centers for Tulane), there are many other types of people present.


Most, if not all, students are Tulane are academically smart so yes that one is correct! Also while a good many students do go out and party most of the time, there is a large percentage of the student body that do not all the time, which makes that one incorrect!


wealthy. jewish. non-local. often-partying. white. Difficult to find a kid who doesn't fit at least three of those descriptions. you can pick a tulane kid out of a crowd in two seconds in new orleans.


People think that this a party school with tons of jews at it...It is. The best I can argue is that there is much more than to see. You just might need to do quite a bit of digging.


To an extent this is definitely true. The school is at least 50 percent Jewish and Greek Life is definitely very apparent. Students definitely work hard--but it seems as though they are mostly working hard to get the grade rather than actually caring about what they are studying. That said, there are definitely people who don't fit the stereotype but it's hard to find people between the two extremes of complete fratstar and total bookworm.


Tulane students definitely party and drink a lot, but wew also work hard academically. While there are a lot of Jewish people at Tulane...that's not every body. Tulane gives out a lot of scholarships so not everyone is rich.


No. The post-Katrina Tulane student body has changed dramatically. This is a school for the socially-conscious individual who is interested in contributing to the community through any number of initiatives. There is, however, some truth to the stereotype that Tulane students make some of the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the campus miserable. Then again, the school has been there since 1847 and I'm sure the residents of these neighborhoods had notice.


Not entirely. While many well-off students do attend Tulane, many of them enjoy the city and its inhabitants and are happy to make a difference whenever possible.


I would say yes. There are a lot of kids from New England who have plenty of money, and there are a lot of Southerners here on scholarship. And yes, most of Tulane likes a good night out. However, at Tulane you can find students from all backgrounds and walks of life, with a wide variety of intrests.


The stereotypes are fairly accurate for the most part. The drinking stereotype is accurate for all universities, so i don't really know if it's really a Tulane stereotype, but rather a college stereotype.


There are definitely some students who fit this stereotypical profile, but there are also many people who break the mold, making a beautifully diverse student body. It is true that 30% of the population is Jewish, but the students come from all over the place. However, it seems most of them come from the Northeast. It is not the prestigious souther school to go to if you are looking for southern hospitality. While there are students from the area in attendance, they by no means make up the majority, making Tulane more like a northern school that got dropped from the sky into the middle of New Orleans. Tulane gives thousands of dollars in scholarship and financial aid, so you will see students from all economic backgrounds at all times of day and night studying to keep their scholarships.


There is a frat shirt that reads, "First we out think you, then we out drink you." I wouldn't say that's never true. However, Tulane isn't just an open bar with a $100,000 tab - we might have a tad more culture than that. Mardi Gras is a cultural thing down here, it's not a two week drinking fest. It's beads, floats, and throws; combined with a mixture of tourists and locals. The best events tend to happen away from the French Quarter and closer to campus. I have had just as much fun on a random Friday night as I did during the weekend of Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras isn't the only thing we have to offer.


No, the balance that Tulane students have between the unique city of New Orleans as well as between academics is what is amazing about Tulane.


Some of them are.


Generally, yes. However, there are many exceptions.


no. there are a lot of jewish students but not everyone. kids take their school work seriously. the stereotype about it being a party school is accurate, but that doesn't mean its a joke school


No - it's not more of a party school than any other university. Tulane students tend to go out more than drinking in their rooms because there is more of a night life available to us.


Many are, and that is to me a sad thing. Stereotypes are based off of a small part of truth. However the will to remove Stereotypes from people there is a very small amount there and is in NO way the levels that are needed. It is like asking a person many states away or in a place so far from you are how the wheather is there. Be ready to ask the question "WHAT???" many times a day asking for PROOF for everything and TRUST in others will be killed off slowly in many if not everyone.


Not to the extent that people truly believe. Granted, there are a lot of douche bags but most of them come from the northeast (I know, I am from New Jersey). The rest of the school is very laid-back, easy-going and fun-loving.


there are a large handful of people that fit these but i found so many amazing people and have made great friends. these people are just the few people that are always out ever night so it seems like there are more of the stuck up people than there really are. make friends in class and the dorms and there are so many different types of people i dont' think tulane's population can fit one stereotype if you make the effort to meet various groups of people.


No! Not at all... While some students at Tulane might spend their time wasting away in bars, the majority of Tulane students know how to both party hard and study hard. During finals, the bars will be empty and the library turns into a social scene. Tulane students work hard and earn their degrees. I wrote a double honor's thesis for political science and communication, graduated summa cum laude and phi beta kappa...all the while, I went out two to three nights a week until 4 am and worked part time at the Tulane law school. One thing about Tulane students is they know how to balance their time and get their stuff done. Greek students are not only interested in partying. Greeks give back to New Orleans, do well in school, and create lifelong friendships.


Not at all. Tulane students are very intelligent and goal oriented, but we are also able to balance work with fun. Community service is a very big deal on and off campus.




No. Tulane is actually a very challenging but at the same time very rewarding. Most students like to go out and have fun, but still take academics seriously.


in some ways they are, Tulane is in the greatest party city in the country, but Tulane is also known as a great academic school, and the student are very smart and hard-working, they just like to have fun too.


Though there is a sizable population from the east coast and some are rich spoiled brats, there are a larger majority of people who have worked hard to get where they are. Tuition is mad expensive and though the school gives out many generous scholarships we wonder still how it could be that expensive


1. Yes, sort of. Tulane is in fact a party school, but it is also a very difficult environment academically. It's where the Ivy accepted kids go to party, AND learn. 2. Semi true. But, the school also gets the majority of its student body by giving out a TON of scholarships. Don't discount it based on price. 3. This steteotype couldn't be farther from the truth. Tulane students are always being encouraged to use what they're learning to help rebuild New Orleans.


For the most part, this is true. Don't get me wrong, kids care about their grades, at least enough to routinely pull all nighters the night before a midterm or big test. But they don't pull all nighters by necessity, only really because they partied too much and are now completely unprepared. Partying is in full swing Tuesday through Saturday night at Tulane, and if you really try, you can find someone to drink with on a Sunday or a Monday night. Also, most kids hail from the Northeast, with a strong contingency from the Boston/Massachussets, New York and D.C./Virginia/Maryland areas. There are kids from all over, but most kids are from the Northeast or Louisiana. The kids from Louisiana were the stars of their high school, and most of the Louisiana kids are overachievers. However, I have friends from all over, a few from Texas, a few from California, but most from the Northeast.


Many of these stereotypes are accurate. Girls are typically pretty slutty, but you do not have to be that way if you do not wish. There are many different clubs, extracurriculars, and types of people so there is a nitch for every type of person.


The stereotype fits about a third of the population, which is easy enough to ignore


Tulane is located in Uptown New Orleans on St. Charles Avenue. The campus is beautiful and completely safe. Beautiful Victorian and antique million dollar homes surround the campus, along with Audubon Park. The architecture, gas lenterns, and street car line remind students they live in New Orleans. There are some incidents of crime off campus (mostly robberies), but Tulane students are immediately notified of every incident. Although a good amount of wealthy Northerners attend Tulane University, students represent almost every state. I admit I was expecting a very Southern school and was disappointed finding most people were not from the South, especially after coming to the realization Southern people are friendlier haha. But Tulane comprises a great mix of students from all different backgrounds and religions, not just Jewish.


There are some people at Tulane who fit into these stereotypes, but everyone cares about their studies, even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it. Around finals, everyone is studying their asses off no matter what day it is. As far as the rich, snobby thing goes I don't think anyone is like that at all and if there are some people like it, you definitely don't have to associate with them.


Although there are many white, rich, partiers at the school, there are also many minorities as well as a wide spectrum of people from different socio-economic backgrounds. I do believe that the work hard but play harder philosophy stands true, so long as you let it. Most likely only one in four people regularly "go out", and for these people to be able to balance the amazing social scene along with the difficult academics that Tulane offers, one must be able to strike a good balance.


While Tulane is about 30% Jewish there is a wide range of diversity both ethnic and geographic, which includes not only the United States but globally.


There is definitely a large drinking, partying culture, and there is a prominent population of wealthy students. However, people from Tulane are from lots of different backgrounds just like everywhere. There are extremely academically motivated students as well as students who are intellectual sophisticated. Just don't look for that at the frat houses.


I think people miss the point that even though the people who go out party hard, just like any other college there is a significant contingency of students who don't party at all. There's plenty of other things to do in New Orleans that doesn't involve partying, although alcohol can make your experience more enjoyable! The other thing outsiders don't realize is that students work hard and get their responsibilities done, which makes partying that much more enjoyable - and the partying isn't an end, but rather a means for a good time. While Tulane is indeed a private school, that doesn't mean only rich kids go here. In fact, the new allure to Tulane is that there are so many scholarships offered, so that people who could not previously afford it are enrolling. The fact that we are a private school, as a matter of fact, makes for a very ecclectic student body, including a healthy international percentage.


For the most part


Yes, but we're so much more than that. There are students at every college who choose to waste their college years, and Tulane is no different. But there are also those who are self-motivated, accomplished, and determined to succeed.




We definitely drink a lot Most of the girls aren't too great. Best way to put it, no wife material here. I expected students to be smarter. For a top-50 school, people are pretty dumb. Smart girls are rarely good-looking. If you're smart and stood out in high school, you'll definitely stand out here.


I am poor and brown, though a lot of people are rich and white. So maybe the stereotypes are true. This school does a poor job of creating diversity.


Yes but the same stereotypes exist and are accurate at the majority of colleges. It's up to you if you involve yourself in these aspects.


They are very accurate!!!!!!!!


I would say that, overall, Tulane students probably "go out" only a little more than most other college students. The atmosphere at Tulane, and the fact that the school is located in New Orleans, definitely makes it easier for students to go to bars or get drunk whenever they please. There are always drink specials and happy hours to attend, and I think that such easy access does allow Tulane students to party a little more than other college students.


I think that Tulane has a great extracurricular scene, whether it be things like Greek parties or going out in one of the most fun cities in the U.S. (New Orleans). There are a lot of students who drink and "party" but no one is confined to doing any one activity, and there are tons of different things people can do to have fun. There are a lot of privileged students at Tulane, but this is the same as anywhere, especially private schools. College costs a ton of money, and if you aren't on a good scholarship, chances are that your family has money. Some students, like all populations, don't have the best or most welcome attitudes, but if you don't like those types of people, don't hang out with them. That's what I do!


no no no. I don't think Tulane kids fit any one stereotypes. Its a very eclectic mix of people.


In my opinion, yes, most of the people I have met have been intelligent and free thinking. There have been exceptions, however...


For the most part yes. Tulane students know how to have a good time. However, we are pretty studious, and some great things come from this school.


the only accurate stereotype ive heard about tulane is that its the ultimate work hard play hard school. that is a 100% true statement.