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Describe a typical weekend.

The weekend is really Friday and Saturday here. Most schools have Thursday as their big party night because everyone goes back home on the weekend. Because everyone lives so far away everyone stays all week. People still go out on Thursday (and Wednesday...and Tuesday) but generally it's pretty underwhelming. As a Freshmen, it's pretty typical to go out both Friday and Saturday, and there is no shortage of things to do. Frat parties, bars, clubs, movies, this city has everything a fun-loving college kid could want.As you age a bit, however, one night a week becomes more typical with the other night being supplemented with a drunken boys-night-in. For example, last Friday I pre-gamed at a friend's house then went on a Safe-ride (Tulane's night shuttle service) to a friend's party a couple miles away. We hung there for a little bit than split off as I and a friend went to a bar to play shuffle board and my other friends went to a different party. I got back, ordered late-night tacos and fell asleep. On Saturday I played mousetrap while drinking boxed wine. Whatever you're looking for, Tulane and New Orleans will provide it for you.

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Thursday night we pre-game in the dorm then take a cab (tops $5 each) to the bar F&M's. During the day, the place looks like a hole in the wall, but on a Thursday night it is packed. Sometimes I splurge on their incredible cheese fries they sell there...yum. Friday nights are varied. They always begin with happy hour at the Boot ($5 huge cups of mixed drinks or $5 for 3 beers). Then maybe there will be a frat party happening or we will just wait around for it to be time to go to the Palms (usually after midnight). Saturday nights are the same thing, it's always changing up. But trust me, there is something to do every single night of the week if you want to. Bars downtown are always an option, if you are willing to spend the money to get downtown and back! There are also a bunch of other bars uptown that are within walking distance of campus.

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A typical weekend involves a lot of going out. There are always things to do and people to see. Most stops involve the Boot for happy hour, then to Roccos or a frat party, then back to the Boot. If going out isn't your thing, Tulane After Dark always has things going on Thursday through Saturday. There is swing dancing, trivia night, and drag queen bingo, just to name a few. On Saturday and Sunday, Bruff serves breakfast a lot later than normal, but they also have lunch stuff out too. People are usually seen during the day trying to relax any way they can (i.e. wearing sweats, tanning in the quad, frisbee).

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