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Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.

Best: Friday and Saturday nights really are a blast here. Some people complain about how repetitive things can be, but with a good group of friends there's always fun to be had. There's a great mix of people in the bars, with all age groups mingling (including a few way-too-old-for-a-college-bar guys that ladies should look out for). Everyone is wound pretty tight here during the week, but they all seem to let off some steam on the weekends. I've always fond drunk Tulane kids to be way nicer, and willing to talk than the fast-moving breed I find during the week. Worst: I don't have anything against the Greek system, but the people in it seem to think they're way more important than they are. At most Southern schools I know the Greeks are king due to having the only places to drink, but New Orleans kind of shuts them down. Despite that, many Greeks, especially the more popular ones, tend to look down on anyone not in their system, or at least not in a frat/sorority as popular as theirs. I had a couple would-be Greek friends Freshmen year, but they all left soon after joining. It can just be frustrating to be talking to a guy/girl, but once they hear you're not in a frat/sorority they like, they lose interest.

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The best part is there is always something to do on campus. Whether a frat is having a party, bar specials (if you're of age), TUCP puts on a movie or concert, or you go to Tulane After Dark, you will always have something to do and someone to do it with. I don't really think there are bad parts of the Tulane social scene, besides the fact that fun stuff always happens when you have something important to do.

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