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Tell us about your professors.

New Orleans is a pretty sweet place to live, and to teach in so I have to figure that Tulane has little or no trouble attracting teachers to come work here. Because of that fact, Tulane has no shortage of tenured, excellent teachers that have generally served me well. There will be bad teachers at every school, but they're usually easy to spot early (If they speak English as a second language, that's not a good sign) and Tulane makes it easy to drop and add classes with more...desirable professors. Schools love to boast about personable teachers who guide you through your journey and make you feel at home. I never had one quite like that. I'm kind of a "stay in the back and pray not to be called on" kind of guy so I never made a ton of report. Still, every teacher has tons of office hours and will E-Mail you back nearly immediately if you have any questions. Most teachers here are fine to good. Some are great, some are terrible. You'll have them all by the time you graduate. Just roll with the punches.

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I think the professors are pretty cool in general. You do come across some that appear evil, though. Just like students, every professor is different: they help out and teach different ways. You are going to get some professors that you don't like, but that's ok. By the end of the semester you may learn to like them. My professors, for the most part, have been pretty cool. I think my favorite, though, was my French II professor, Madam Voltz. She was one of the best, most helpful teachers I have ever experienced, She is suppers supportive of everyone, and she brings out the best in people. A tip for professors though, after you get to know them, you realize they fit into their profession (like English professors seem like English professors, scientists seem like scientists, etc.).

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The professors here are amazing! I have yet to run into a professor that is unwilling to help or direct you in any way. They seem to enjoy their jobs, which is pivotal for any teacher, and they want you to enjoy your college experience as much as you want to. Some professors though can be terrible though. That's the sad part. But most are like the ones described above.

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