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What do students complain about most?

The food probably. Bruff, and the food-court don't change things up much, and after a few semesters, the food becomes extremely boring. The problem is that unless one moves off campus, those are the only real meal options for the entire stay here. Just tonight, I had dinner at Bruff and at the same cheeseburger I've had probably 300 times over the past 2-and-a-half years. The middle-management is also often un-liked. The teachers are all great, and everyone loves president Cowen. The problem stems with everyone who works between the two. Things such as scheduling changes, internships, and study-abroad programs are under-developed which has lead to headaches for me and all my friends. After a while, people realize that if they want something to be done involving school, that they themselves will have to work it through.

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There is a lot of complaining going on when it is time to register for classes. It is almost impossible to get in the classes you want to be in during your registration time. It is the worst feeling ever when only one of your classes you want has an open seat. However, it always seems to work out. First week of school you can attend a class even if you are not registered for it and talk to the teacher after to ask if they will put you on the attendance sheet. The only classes that are extremely hard to get in are your basic lab sciences that everyone has to take for a requirement.

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Students definitely complain about the food the most. I don't blame them. Bruff isn't necessarily the *best* place in the world. I'm from the south, so I LOVE me some food, especially cajun/creole. I don't want to turn you off to the cafeteria, but I will give a warning: check EVERYTHING. Plates, utensils, cups, etc. Not everything is closely inspected for left over particles.

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