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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Well, I'm not gonna lie. The football team sucks. And, as I'm the kind of sports fan who mostly likes teams when they are winning (thats easy to be in Boston, a little harder in NOLA) I don't go to football games. But, I love baseball games. The stadium in new and huge and the games are well attended. From what I hear, the basketball games are fun too. I also have friends who play in intramural and rec soccer and basketball teams. Its really easy to get involved in the on-campus sports team if you want to. But, this is no big football school. If you want that, head north to Baton Rouge and look at LSU. Go Tigers!


Well...to be quite honest, sports are not the biggest things here. We aren't technically known for our sports so if you're coming here expecting to go far, I wouldn't suggest it. We are in the NCAA Division I football league, have our own basketball, baseball, and volleyball programs. Sports are not absent on campus but they are not majorly stressed. Catching a flag football game by signing up at the Reily Center is a great way to get involved as well.


We are a division I school. Our football team...to be honest is not very good. I have only attended 2 games in my time at school, both homecoming games. Which we lost. Both times. However, we just got a new coach who coached the Saints and we are building a home football field that will be ready in 2013 so hopefully that will add to our school spirit! Our basketball team and baseball team are actually really good. I just attended my first basketball game a few weeks ago and it was packed! They give out free shirts and things for the first couple hundred people that come to the fan section. I sadly, have never attended a baseball game, but apparently they are fun! We have a bunch of intramural sports such as soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, hockey, volleyball...anything really!


Unfortunately sports aren't the biggest thing on campus. Being from the south, I love, love, LOVE football. I'm friends with some of the football players here, actually.They are pretty cool dudes. However, there is never a huge turn out for games. We ARE building a football stadium on campus, though! It'll be done by 2014, but as of now our football games are played in the dome. Our basketball and baseball teams are pretty good. Our men are undefeated, and last year we started off the baseball season in the top 25. You don't hear too much about volleyball, track and field, and swim and dive though... But they are here! The swim and dive advertise meets and competitions, and those have been fun!


Unfortunately the sports scene at Tulane is not very big. There is not a huge football following because the team does not win very often. Other sports are starting to gain more of a following on campus such as basketball because the team is doing pretty well so far. What we lack in sports spirit, however, we make up for in school spirit. The study body has lots of Tulane spirit since we all love the school so much. There is also lots of New Orleans spirit, especially when it comes to the New Orleans Saints football team. Students love to watch the games and cheer on the saints when they play. This is our version of a sports scene!


Most people play some sort of club or IM sport, or at least go to the gym. Not really a big deal. attending Tulane games, in any sport, is a rarity.


There isn't a huge sports scene in terms of the school teams, many of the athletes hang out together and some students do go to games but it doesn't dominate the social scene. What is more common, is the amount of students who play club sports. Many people play club soccer, vollyball or even fencing. And ever more students play inter-mural sports with other students from their floors or groups of friends or other types of clubs sometimes form teams. These sports are extremely common and there are diverse levels of players who are involved in playing. It's a great way to get to know people and it's a lot of fun!


I write for the sports section of my newspaper, thus I actually have a real firm grasp of the athletics here. The best I can say is that if you want to play a sport, this is a great place. We are proudly a D1 school and thus have pretty much every sport you can imagine: varsity, club, and intramural. My roommate last year lead his sailing club to the South-East finals, and my buddy just won his intramural dodge-ball game. There is no shortage of competitive, or not-so competitive events for you to live for, or just have fun with. That's the good. --- This is not USC. Hell, it's not even Syracuse or Gonzaga. There is little or no ra-ra attitude about team sports. You're more likely to see a friend at the bar watching the Saints than you ever are to see them at a prep rally or actual game. It's not that people hate sports, it's that because so few people have close ties to New Orleans, and our teams never win so no body bothers. I love sports. SF Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Olympic curling (oh yes). I just don't have a lot to say about the Wave's chances against Army next week. It all kind of feeds back into what I've said about the general climate here - people just don't care about stuff.


Football games are fun, but real fans wait for baseball.


Always full of in-shape Tulanians, Reily has something for everyone.


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