Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


A lot of people see us as a Jewish school (Jewlane) or a party school (I've heard that our unofficial motto is "First we out think you, then we out drink you.").


Upper-middle Class, Jewish, drunks. ...It fits pretty darn well, really.


That everyone is Jewish, fratty and that we all party 6 nights a week.


That we party/drink a lot. That there are a lot of rich Jewish people.


Students who are smart but lazy, wealthy outsiders (not originally from NOLA) who terrorize uptown New Orleans and whatever bar they may be visiting that night.


Tulane is full of rich, snobby, preppy kids who do not mix well with the diverse New Orleans community.


That the student body is comprised of New England wealthy preps (Jewlane, anyone?) and down-South football players and scholarship kids. Either way, all of Tulane loves to party, drink, and still try to keep up their grades.


Common stereotypes about Tulane students are that they are Jewish, rich, and from the Northeast. Another big stereotype is that students are big time drinkers.


That all students are short, spoiled, jewish Yankees who live off of their daddy's money and credit cards and don't care at all about school or people. In addition, they all went to boarding school for high school and are only in New Orleans to drink and party.


Drinking: Of course it exists, we live in the only city in the country where public intoxication is expected, not rejected. Football: Our team sucks, hate to say it. I come from Texas and it is a bit of a disappointment. Baseball: This would be the sport in which we excell. Mardi Gras: The time of your life.


Some stereotypes about Tulane and Tulane students include that students may not be of the same academic caliber as other Top 50 schools. This is just a stereotype that continues to perpetuate due to the fact of the location of the school, people always assume that we would go down to Bourbon St. every chance we got and drink 24/7.


Tulane students party entirely too much!


They come to New Orleans for the university education, they receive their degrees, then they leave the city.


that they're all jewish, that they're hard core partiers, and that they're not that smart. some people think tulane is a safety school and is a joke


It's a party school!


Stereotypes, OH yes Tulane has them and many of them are not good ones... Tulane has next to no wish to have any of the NON-traditional students. Mostly in age, However it is NOT the only. Any student that can stand up for their rights can be treated in ways of underhandness and lies and other things they can think up to do. People in places they should never be in, such as a fox and the hen house and others. There are some that are in the right places that do their best for students BUT NOT in the numbers they should be.. Be ready to have deal with colon type thinking!! BY many their not just students but every part of there.


Rich, stuck-up preppy rich assholes


they like to party! a lot of jewish-eastcoasters, smart, rich and snoby.


Tulane students are rich, obnoxious brats that spend their money and time wasting away in bars. Tulane students get degrees in drinking, not real majors. Greeks just party and do drugs.


Snobby rich kids


They all come from Manhattan, Long Island, New York, and New Jersey. It's a Jewish School.


Tulane is a party school and college kids hang out and get drunk on Bourbon Street 24/7.


Tulane is know as being a party school, and the students are thought to be huge party-animals


Jewish, east coast rich kids. Expensive school but don't know why


1.That Tulane is a party school. 2.Tulane students are all rich white kids. 3.Tulane is a snobby private school detached from the community.


Tulane is stereotyped nationally as a party school for rich Northeasterners and the intellectual capital of Louisiana, although thats nothing to brag about.


Girls are seen as slutty, but guys get around as well. Most kids are from the north, only about 25 percent of people I have met are from the south. Many students also come from wealthy families and drive expensive cars. People from Tulane are also preppy.


It's a drinking school, populated entirely by people there for the greek life who like the schools name but don't actually want to do any real work.


Because Tulane is located in New Orleans, many people believe the school is in a dangerous area still damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Tulane students are believed to be wealthy, Jewish, and from the North.


People go out every night during the week and don't care about their studies; rich, snobby people who don't care about anyone but themselves.


Rich, White, Party School, Work Hard but Play Harder, Difficult School


Stereotypes are Tulane may be called Jewlane, plenty of stereotypes within fraternities and sorierties.


People think that Tulane students are rich preppy rich kids with unlimited funds for their parents and very little academic fervor. Supposedly, the favorite extra curricular activities of Tulane students are drinking and hooking up.


That we party a lot. That we're all rich private school kids.


Most students don't care about academics Students come here to have fun Many students are very spoiled and have a narrow perception of the world Students are apathetic about what the administration does


Rich white kids who indulge in drinking


rich, Jewish, attractive, drunk


We drink a lot The girls aren't too great Pretty smart all-around


That we're rich and white.


Hard drugs, party school


Condescending, spoiled, rich, upperclass, Jewish, intelligent, drunkards.


Many people think that Tulane students party really hard!


Tulane is known for being a "party" school, even though Tulane is also known for being a very academic and difficult school. A lot of people also say that Tulane's student population is comprised mostly of "rich white kids" who are snobby and elitist.


Some say Tulane is full of Jappy types and I do see some around, but I would not say they make up the majority. Its also said that greek life is central to Tulane social life. This just is not true. I am not in a sorority and my social life is just fine.


I'd like to think that Tulane students are widely seen as intelligent individuals. We are called the Harvard of the South after all


Tulane is definately thought of as a party school and the students are thought to be partiers. We're also known as the Harvard of the South.


a lot of people from the south that go to tulane think that everyone at tulane is from the north. not true. its a significant population considering its louisiana, but definately not overwhelming. also you hear that everyone who goes to tulaneis rich and jewish. also not true. some are jewish, some are sich, some are both. and then theres the rest of tulane (the majority) who are neither.


Rich, snobby, Jewish, spoiled student who party a lot and spend too much money on useless material things


That we are big partiers and drinkers.


Come from families that are well off and are the elite few intellect wise. These views are those held by the inhabitants of Louisiana.