Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The student who is driven, engaged, intelligent, friendly, and wants to both study hard and have a great social life should come here.


A person who likes academically challenging classes, but also likes to party it up in a city unlike any other.


A person who is intelligent and wants to be successful in their career. Also, the person attending should like to go out and party. You have to be able to juggle the school load and partying as well. If you are only a party person or only a study type person then you would not fit well here. Also, if you want to be involved with research based study then that will definitely be a great choice for you.


Everyone should attend Tulane! Its a fabulous school that has a little bit of something for everyone, the academics are tough but not at all overwhelming. There is a "scene" for everyone, whether you like to go out and party every night or stay in and study. Tulane is also located in one of the most amazing cities in the world. New Orleans is a fabulous city with a rich exciting culture, there is always something going on. It is a truly incredible place to go to school.


A person should attend this school if they are a fun, outgoing person that likes to have fun, but at the same time knows when to focus and can avoid distractions to get the work done. New Orleans is a very entertaining city that has a lot going on, all of the time. A person attending this school should be able to have a good balance of work and fun.


I believe that any person that is willing to work hard and learn should attend Tulane University. For there is oppertunity here for people that are set on studying one thing as well as those who wish to delve into multiple subject areas.


Students from the wealthy and popular backgrounds do the best here. It's not a great school for nonconformity.


In reality, there isn't one "type" of person who could attend this school. This school is pretty diverse (not racially, but socially). There are all kinds of people, and everyone is easy-going with each other. Everyone attending Tulane is smart, or at least at the top percentiles of their high school class, so there really aren't any "nerds" - as everyone here could be one. Just about everyone likes to have a good time, any day, and night, of the week.


Someone who is lookng for a strong academic reputation in a city that will provide countless opportunities to grow and enjoy the college years


Students here are typically from families with money and are lively, but often unaware of reality.


A well balanced person: work hard ,play hard mentality is best.


I think just your average person from high school. The really smart ones get really disappointed that were not more academically focused and the more artsy ones get disappointed that the arts arent more respected and well known. I did fairly well in high school, was pretty involved in all aspects, but i fit in with everyone and had a great time on weekends--i think that describes the perfect perspective


If you are the kind of person who cares about academics but likes to let loose every now and then or maybe a little more than you should then this is the school for you. Tulane is not a cutthroat university where everyone is trying to beat someone else out, it's very cooperative and friendly.


People who want to live in an amazing city and get a top notch education (both academically and culturally) would love Tulane University.


Liberal open minded people seem to do the best, however the fraternities and sororities tend to be conservative. It's a great school for diverse people because there is almost a seemingly proportinate mix of indian, asian, jewish, islamic , black and white students.


a studious, ambitious, and motivated yet outgoing party animal


Someone who loves music and culture and meeting different people from many different places. There is not a lot of pressure but everyone is intelligent and smart and tend to do well.


Anyone can attend Tulane University, but you should definitely be willing to learn and work hard.