Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?

Min Chan

Tulane and the city of New Orleans attracts adventurous students. Adventurous both academically and socially. The university is flexible enough to let you pursue degrees in different fields. The city provides a young adult with adventures and opportunities to make memories for a lifetime.


Anyone who isn't interested in getting off campus and exploring shouldn't go to Tulane. Furthermore, if you're the type of person who can't pick and choose when to study and when to go out, the school probably isn't a good fit for you - there's so much to do that you could arguably go out and have a great time on any night of the week. If you're close-minded about anything, Tulane isn't for you. The school encourages constructive debate, and discourages racism and bigotry.


The shy wallflower may feel out of place, like a lone petunia in an onion patch.


I think that in order to attend Tulane and be successful, you need to have some discipline. It can get distracting here, and even though some people like to have fun, most people who will succeed here are the ones who can maintain a balance between the fun and the academics.


Antisemitic people should avoid the 33% Jewish student body. Also, those who hate warm weather will be miserable nine months out of the year.


A very conservative or shy person. This is a very open-minded school and people tend to be willing to try new things. Don't come here if you life being in the crowd.


Super flamboyant gay guys....... the general student body isn't homophobic but there are a lot of asshole frat guys.


Someone who gets home sick. Someone who cannot stand partying/drinkers/smokers. Someone who enjoys the cold weather and snow.


Really anyone could attend this school and be happy and successful. However, I would say that most people are very happy and outgoing. Most people are very academically and professionally focused in regard to their future. It would not be a school for someone who is unfocused and who would slack off easily. It's a very rigorous courseload but at the same time there is still time to have fun and try new things. Someone who is very dependent on other people may want to look elsewhere as most people at this school are independent.


Artisticly intellectual people who are looking for a particularly small college.


Conservative, lazy, people who do not enjoy culture, food, music, and alcohol.


Someone who is shy, introverted, prude, goody goody.


shy, akward who dosen't have alot of intersts, and who dosen't like being around people who drink.


Great school for prospective medical or law students


Someone who is very serious and wants to find themselves in an environment where higher thinking is common


a super nerd who doesnt like to go out and go crazy....someone who doesnt like new orleans or the south because location is everything.


Someone who knows how to balance an active social life/ night life and school and is self-motivated. Caring about New Orleans is essential as well.